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‘Not Everything About That N–ga’: Reginae Carter Claps Back at a Fan for Assuming Her Cryptic Tweets Are About YFN Lucci

Reginae Carter is not one to back down when she needs to defend herself against the internet trolls, especially when it comes issues in her personal life, like her relationship with YFN Lucci.

On March 16, she uploaded a couple of cryptic messages that left her fans feeling like she was subtweeting about YFN Lucci. Her first tweet read, “I swear I went above and beyond for some people & they have the nerve to have amnesia now … k cool.” The second one says, “I sat at tables and had to eat my damn self and still fed a mf before I ate . That same mf bit my hand quick . Never again .”

Reginae Carter (Photo: @colormenae/Instagram)

Assuming that Carter was venting about Lucci, one fan responded to her tweet saying, “Girl just let that n-gga go d-mn!” Carter clapped back at the fan, tweeting, “B-tch ain’t everything about that n-gga imma tell u now .”

But just a little over a week ago, Carter tweeted a different cryptic message. It said, “I will let you win when it comes to a nigga .. lol tf we competing for ? 😂😂” The 22-year-old is known for wearing her heart on her sleeve, so anytime she tweets or posts something that looks even remotely like she could be referring to her relationship, fans will jump at the opportunity to make fun of her or give her advice even when she did not ask for it.

Reginae Carter’s tweet. @reginae_carter1/Twitter)

Another reason why fans may assume the two are going through a rough patch or are not together at all is that neither of them follow each other on Instagram. Celebrity couples have said before that unfollowing on social media does not necessarily mean that they are no longer together, but there is usually a high chance that it does mean that. Not to mention that Lucci and Carter have had their issues before where they have had to break up and take some time apart for a while, like when they apparently split for months before they got back together late last year.

Since Lucci was arrested in January and released on bond in February, the two have been lying low and not posting about each other as much, except for the time when Carter updated his fans to let them know Lucci would be home soon.

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