‘I’m Tired, and the Weight Is on My Shoulders’: Apryl Jones Breaks Down Over Men In Her Life After Heated Argument with Lil Fizz

“Love and Hip Hop Family Reunion” has been bringing “LHH” cast members, couples, and exes together under one roof, and the drama is erupting. Apryl Jones saw her controversial relationship with B2K member Lil Fizz end, and it was revealed in an episode that the former “best friends” went eight months without speaking before coming face to face during the reunion.

At first, things seemed fine between the former lovers, but after Jones expressed wanting some closure from Fizz, a physical altercation broke out when he showed no interest in wanting to talk it out. After security broke up the fight, Jones walked over to talk to “LHH: ATL” cast members Bambi and Sierra Porter. She started by explaining that Fizz was upset to learn Jones was involved with someone after their breakup, but the mother of two said he “went back and had sex with people who I knew that he had previously been with prior to me.”

Apryl Jones
Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz. (Photo: @aprylsjones/Instagram, @airfizzo/Instagram)

She tearfully continued, “We started out as best friends. So I still love him, and it makes me sad. At the end of the day, I still love people who hurt me, and that’s the problem I have,” she said as Bambi and Sierra comforted her. “I just try to understand where everybody is coming from. But I just ask for the respect. Don’t hurt me and you’re hurt.”

Expressing her anger toward men about how they treat women, she started by saying, “How many times do a woman got to hold a motherf—-r down? How many times do we got to be the strong ones out of the bunch? I’m tired! I’m tired and the weight is on my shoulders.”

She went on to explain that in addition to helping Black men get through their issues, women have to have themselves together too but without their support. She said, “On top of that: domestic, carry the baby, postpartum, breastfeed, c–chie gotta bounce back, insecurities, I gotta provide, I gotta put 50/50 on the bills, I’m just the trophy on your arm, I’m just the person that gotta build you up, I gotta motivate myself, you ain’t motivating me, I gotta feel pretty, I gotta feel all of these things.” Taking a second, she frustratedly said, aiming her message toward, men, “ What are you doing?! You not building me up. I’m depleted!”

“I’m f—ing tired. I’m tired of holding the fort down. I’m tired of making sure you good. I’m tired of protecting you. I’m tired of holding your secrets. And what do you do, you treat me like I’m trash. F–k you,” she said before turning to the camera and letting everyone know that she was “tired” once more.

Jones received a lot of backlash while dating Fizz because she dated and had two children with his B2K band mate Omarion. The 34-year-old revealed that even in that relationship Omarion left without any explanation. So it is possible she might still be healing from that as well.

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