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‘I Guess PJ Really Does Look Like Her Mama’: This Throwback Photo of Porsha Williams Has Fans Seeing Her Daughter PJ

It seems as though the debate about whether baby Pilar Jhena looks more like her mother, Porsha Williamsof “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” or her father, Dennis McKinley, has finally come to an end.

In a vintage photo, captured by a ‘Housewives’ blog site, The Peach Report Daily, a baby Porsha was spotted looking too precious sitting between her two grandparents.  

Porsha Williams’ Instagram (@porsha4real)

The throwback snap had fans pointing out how much a young Porsha resembled baby PJ, including one who wrote, “Whoa, I guess PJ does look like her mama😍.” Another commented, “She looks just like her baby!❤️.”

“I don’t wanna hear “Dennis with a bow” anymore. PJ twin 😍😍,” a third expressed. “omg pj look just like her😭 i always thought she looked like dennis till now!,” a fourth wrote. 

Another supporter, seemingly wanting to set everyone straight on their perspectives, wrote, “🗣SHE BEEN TELLIN YAL LIL D U M M I E S THT HER JR, IS ***ACTUALLY*** REALLY HEEEERRRR MF JUNIOR‼️ ♥️🙌🏾.” Another echoed those sentiments, stating, “For anyone who didnt understand why @porsha4real was offended by the remark by @thekenyamoore regarding her child being daddys child, now you should get it.” That social media user added, “Pilar is the split image of @porsha4real. And Dennis is a handsome man but Kenya pretty much said Pilar looks like a man. Not a reach, look at the facts from this picture.”

A young Porsha Williams sitting with her grandparents. @thepeachreportdaily/Instagram

Fans have been fussing over the topic of PJ’s looks since her reality star mom from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” started sharing photos of her 1-year-old on her social media page. Recently, fans were left swooning over the toddler after her mother shared two hilarious videos of her little one styling her baby doll Samantha’s hair by using her mom’s edge brush.

Porsha could be heard in the background saying, “Nice pretty baby hair! That’s what mommy do to you?” Porsha praised her baby girl’s talents in the caption, writing, “It’s the natural born baby hair slay for me 😂🔥.”

PJ’s skills were so impressive that fans were jokingly asking for the little one to do a tutorial, including Porsha’s fellow Bravo network star Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi, who wrote, “I need some help with my edges… Ms. Pilar, may I please attend your next tutorial?” She added, “I’m willing to pay top dollar for a real lesson. 😍😍😍😍😍.”

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