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‘We Wanted to Throw in the Towel’: Ms. Juicy and Monie of ‘Little Women: Atlanta’ Talk Misconceptions and New Opportunities

“Little Women: Atlanta” recently returned to Lifetime for a sixth season, showcasing the ups and downs of the women as they navigate life. But two of the show’s stars, Shirlene “Ms. Juicy” Pearson and Tiffany “Monie” Cashette, hope to clear up the misconceptions that plague them because of their height. Four-foot Ms. Juicy and 4-foot-6 Monie told Atlanta Black Star they don’t want sympathy because of their stature. 

“We’re regular people, no matter what’s our height or size; we can do it all. It may take us some time, but we can,” Monie said. “Just welcome us with an open heart,” she stated. “And if they don’t welcome us, we’re comin’ in,” added Ms. Juicy. “We’re bustin’ through the door. We’re gonna make our presence known, OK?” Ms. Juicy said with a laugh.

The two women have not allowed others’ misconceptions to thwart their aspirations. Ms. Juicy was a staple voice on “The Rickey Smiley Show” for more than a decade, even before her “Little Women: Atlanta” fame. She left the show, sparking rumors that she was fired, which she emphatically denies.

“I left the morning show because I’d been there 13 years and I wanted to move on to something bigger and better,” Ms. Juicy explained. The bigger and better for Ms. Juicy includes a co-hosting gig on ReecRadio, and a new acting project coming up with Lifetime that she was tightlipped about but excited for. She’s also venturing into the fashion industry “I launched my eyeglass wear Eminence Eyewear by Juicy,” she said. “I’m never not working. I’m constantly keeping busy and continue to build my empire.”

Monie has her eye set on being an actor and has been taking acting lessons to help sharpen her skills. 

Ms. Juicy also became an executive producer on “Little Women: Atlanta.” “I just try to lead by example,” Ms. Juicy said. “This season, by me becoming executive producer, it was important to show them that we are young Black women. We are young women. We are in charge. We are bosses,” she said. She added a round of praise for her cast mates.

“I got to commend each and every one of the girls for their confidence and their mentality of not quitting. For not giving up,” she said. “There are so many times where all of us have episodes where we wanted to throw in the towel and each of the girls did not. They found something within and they pulled it out,” she said.

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