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‘Wayment ‘: Fans Slam ‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser for ‘Crooked’ Tattoo Done on ‘Little Women: Atlanta’ Star Ms. Juicy Baby

Little Women: Atlanta” star Ms. Juicy Baby recently celebrated her birthday by gifting herself with a unique ink job. 

On Wednesday, Jan. 6, the reality star took to her Instagram page to show off her newest tattoo she received from the ink boss himself, Ceaser Emanuel from the VH1 reality show, “Black Ink Crew: New York.”

(L-R) Ms. Juicy Baby. Ceaser Emanuel. Photo: @msjuicyrsms / Instagram @ceaserblackink/ Instagram

The body art, which featured the word Dallas, a star in the letter D, and a silhouette of buildings in the background, was in honor of the reality star’s 49 birthday. Ms. Juicy captioned the post, “#BirthdayInk It’s all done y’all!!!” She added, “The finished product@ceaserblackink #msjuicybaby 💜💜💜 Now I need a _______.”

Ms. Juicy. @msjuicyrsms/Instagram 

The 49-year-old was seemingly excited about her new tattoo. The post garnered over a little under 10,000 likes. However, fans of the radio show host weren’t impressed. Folks in the comments section quickly began critiquing every aspect of the tattoo, including one user who wrote, “The letters aren’t even and the star is messed up.” They added, “Oh no.” Another person wrote, “Wayment 🤣 he need to stop playing. Hopefully it was free.” A third person wrote, “That l and A should have connected. It’s a space and it’s uneven.”

Other people were severely upset with Ceaser and found it hard to believe that he was behind what they deemed to be a crappy job. “Wow…i like ceas but this is not appealing,” another critic expressed. “The word is crooked and line work sucks. Im just being honest but happy birthday💋.”

A fifth critic said, “Glad u like it. 👌🏾.” They added, “Tattoo is awful i’ve been getting tattoo since 96 I know crap work. I hope Cease didn’t charge u. Look at the exodus he did on DMX scratch work he should be embarrassed.”

Another thing about the tattoo that seemed to have fans confused was that Ms. Juicy calls herself the “Queen of Atlanta,” but the reality star got a Dallas tattoo despite seemingly having no ties to the city. The reality star was born and raised in Corsicana, Texas, before moving to Atlanta, Georgia. One person questioned, “But why dallas if youre the queen of atlanta ?”

This also isn’t Ms. Juicy’s first time working with Ceaser. Back in 2017, the Harlem native did a series of butterflies on her left thigh down to her feet. So one could only assume Ms. Juicy liked what she received enough to come for a second round. Neither Ms. Juicy nor Ceaser has commented on the ink job.

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