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‘U Bums Really Want to Hate Me So Bad’: Masika Kalysha Responds to Fans Calling Her ‘Trap Queen’ Video with Daughter ‘Staged’

Masika Kalyshas comedic “Trap Queen” video with daughter Khari Barbie Maxwell, 4, went left on March 11 after people called out the former “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star for apparently staging the clip. In the recording, Kalysha is seen riding around with her daughter when the toddler asked: “Mommy, what is a Trap Queen?” 

The model replied while smirking, “Ask your father.” Maxwell’s father is “Trap Queen” emcee Fetty Wap. The rapper released his debut single “Trap Queen” in 2014, which was certified platinum and landed in the No. 2 spot of the Billboard Hot 100 the same year.

In hip-hop, a “Trap Queen” is a strong, loyal woman, Kalysha captioned the post that was initially uploaded on TikTok, “#askyourfather 😩😂 @kharibarbie#tiktok#trapqueen.” 

Masika Kalysha’s daughter Khari Barbie Maxwell’s “Trap Queen” question causes a commotion on IG because fans think she was coached into asking it. (Photo: @masikakalysha/Instagram)

Many fans’ reactions to the clip weren’t positive because they didn’t believe the “LHHH” star’s 4-year-old would say these words unless coached. 

“She know she told her to say that 🙄.”

“This was definitely take 2 or 3 🤣.”

“Idk this seems so scripted😩 but that lil girl cute asf 😍.”

“It’s giving very much STAGED 😂.”

“That little girl a paid actress at this point , thanks to her mother endless scripted videos.”

Later that night the reality star took to Twitter to clap back at the detractors who felt her TikTok video was scripted. Kalysha said, “U gotta be a special typa musty ass miserable to be deeply bothered by a 4yr old asking her mom what somethin her daddy said means. MaSiKa MaDe HeR sAy ThAt goofy face a–. That song is 7 f–king yrs old but TODAY is the day that I forced my 4yr to ask me what trap queen means for a Tiktok.”

Masika Kalysha claps back at people who claim her TikTok video with her daughter was staged. @masikakalysha/Twitter

She concluded the tweet by telling those “miserable” people to seek help. “How u reach that level of pitiful? It’s giving bothered & pathetic. U bums really want to hate me so bad that u mad I posted something funny my BABY innocently asked me that she didn’t even know was funny. She truly wanted to know! Panini pressed. Seek help.”

While many people claimed Kalysha’s video was scripted, others mentioned how adorable her daughter was. One wrote, “She is so damn cute.. just watching her grow up, she gets funnier and funnier. I would get her father to answer that one to! 😂😂😂😂.”

Another said, “Ur baby girl is such a cutie 🥰.”

An Instagram user told the reality star that her daughter was bound to ask the “Trap Queen” question as she got older. “Lmaoooo omggg this question was gonna come sooner or later she’s so pretty.”

The “Double Cross” actress’s daughter turned 4 last March, and in honor of her birthday Kalysha threw a quarantine tea party. The former “Growing Up Hip Hop” star then uploaded a lengthy post describing how the toddler changed her life. 

“Happy birthday to my bold, beautiful, bubbly, sensitive, fierce, loving, precious, fiesty, determined, amazing, fearless, emotional, curious, brilliant princess @kharibarbie these past four years with you have been the best and most challenging years of my life. I think of you with every decision I make & in everything I do. You make me a better person. I know that you need me but did you know that I needed you?”

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