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‘You Rocking That’: Tami Roman Debuts Eye-Catching Aquamarine ’Do

Tami Roman added a splash of color to fans’ timelines on March 9 when she debuted a stunning look in a bold blue wig.

The “Ms. Pat” actress shared an image of herself relaxing on the set of the BET+ series while wearing a brown snakeskin print jacket, neutral face beat, and a poppin’ aquamarine lace front. Roman, who has an upcoming April 17 birthday, also repped for her fellow Aries in the post caption, writing, “Am I blue? Hell naw, I’m an Aries, we lit ♈️.”

Tami Roman plays with color on the “Ms. Pat” set. @tamiroman/Instagram

In October 2020, BET announced that the series would be heading to their streaming service for a full ten-episode season. Roman joins the cast as the titular character’s “struggle of a sister,” Denise. The original scripted comedy series reunites “Empire” producers Lee Daniels and Brian Grazer and is based on Patricia “Ms. Pat” Williams’ stand-up comedy and memoir.

“This is the type of show I wish I had growing up — raw, funny, and honest. Ms. Pat and Jordan Cooper are magic together,” Daniels said in a statement. “We are thrilled that Lee Daniels Entertainment, a division of Disney, and BET are working together for the first time. Historic!”

According to the network’s press release, the sitcom will follow the story of Ms. Pat (Williams), “a former convicted felon turned suburban mom” from Atlanta with a “resilient spirit” who now lives in conservative middle America with Roman’s character alongside Ms. Pat’s “well-intentioned husband” (J. Bernard Calloway), and “two distinct sets of kids” who grew up with very different backgrounds (Theodore Barnes, Vince Swann, and newcomer Briyana Guadalupe).

The poppin’ blue ’do isn’t the first time the TV personality has played around with fun hair colors in her new role — Roman sported a royal purple bob with bangs on the set just two weeks earlier.

Roman’s comments section was split between fans showing love for her bright blue install and fellow Aries joining her in the preseason turn-up, but it was filled with love all around.

“And that’s on Mary had a little RAM ♈️🔥❤️”

“We lit af ♈️🔥”

“You killin it daily 👏”

“You been fine since Real world!!! Probably all ya damn life! I just love you!!! Reality Show Queen & beyond!!! ❤️”

“Love the color!! Tam you rocking that!!! 💥”

At the time of this writing, the series’ premiere date has yet to be announced, however, according to Roman, fans can look forward to a summer 2021 release.

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