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‘Perfection Per Usual’: Malaysia Pargo Mesmerizes Fans with a Multi-Clip Glam Video

Malaysia Pargo‘s beauty enraptured millions of her fans on March 7 after the reality star shared an Instagram Reel — a 15-second multi-clip video — showcasing her entire neutral-colored ensemble. The “Basketball Wives” star displayed her nude bra with a matching jacket and colorful striped pants as Sevyn Streeter’s song “Guilty” featuring Chris Brown and A$AP Ferg played in the background.

The model embellished the attire with a few jewelry pieces, including gold dangle earrings, a necklace, an emerald ring, and a watch. Pargo also gave a close-up view of her makeup in the recording while asking her followers to list their guilty pleasures. She wrote, “What’s your guilty pleasure… comment below.”

Malaysia Pargo stuns fan with nude inspired look on March 7 leaving many in awe. @malaysiainthecity/Instagram

Many fans bypassed Pargo’s statement and immediately gushed about her look. One user went as far as to tell the reality star that she was their guilty pleasure.

“Girl you are beautiful. You can rock anything in any color. ❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥.”

“You been serving baby and I’m here for it come on come on Big Sis 💕‼️👏🏾👏🏾push through beautiful.”

“Perfection per usual 💁🏽‍♀️.”

“So finely polished 🔥.”

“You are my guilty pleasure 😘.”

As many people expressed their love for the reality star’s latest look, several others mentioned “Basketball Wives.” A couple responded to Pargo’s initial post asking what their guilty pleasure was. 

One wrote how “Basketball Wives” was their guilty pleasure and also mentioned that the mother of three is the only reason that they keep tuning in. “Watching Basketball Wives lol-but I love me some Malaysia, so I keep watching.” 

“Watching Basketball Wives.”

An Instagram user mentioned that Pargo was their favorite “BBW” cast-mate and explained how she’s never usually the culprit in any given situation but will terminate an issue if need be. “My fav ‘BBW’ she doesn’t start but will finish it.” 

During the final minutes of last week’s episode of “BBW,” Pargo opened up about how she wanted to reconcile her relationship with Jackie Christie following their big blowout over a rumor that the model was broke and couldn’t take care of her kids. 

She said in a confessional that the only way their bond could possibly continue is if Christie confesses to what she did, which Pargo claims was to spread false information within the group of girls, including Evelyn Lozada, instead of talking to Pargo directly about the situation.


Christie started the conversation off by saying how much she cares about Pargo despite their issues. “OK, Malaysia, keeping it real, even though we’ve had our issues, but you know you my sister. “

Pargo interrupted Christie by mentioning that sisters don’t betray each other, and then, she recounted the many times Christie has let her down as the scene faded to black. “Am I your sister though, I’m just trying to get an understanding, like, how many times do I have to allow you to just keep f–king me over.” 

“Basketball Wives” airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on VH1.

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