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‘Okay We See Nique with the Little Twerk’: Reginae Carter and Zonnique Pullins Hit the ‘Junebug’ Challenge, and Fans Can’t Keep Their Eyes Off Zonnique

Although they are pretty late, Reginae Carter and Zonnique Pullins have tapped into the “Junebug” challenge together. Better late than never, right?

For the past few days, Carter and Pullins appeared to be having a girls trip with some friends. Videos surfaced on both of their IG Stories of them having fun, going out to eat, and drinking with four other young ladies.

Zonnique Pullins and Reginae Carter hanging out with their friends. @itsreginaecarter/Instagram

Sporting their bathing suits on a yacht, the girl group decided it would be the perfect time to participate in the “Junebug” challenge. Gathered together on one end of the deck, the March 7 video starts with them doing the regular movements to the dance, then it cuts to them doing those same moves while standing on another section of the boat.

Since she was the one to post it, followers commented on Carter’s overall performance of her killing the viral TikTok dance. One person said of her bright green swimsuit, “It’s the Neon on the brown skin for me.”

Someone pointed out how Carter was the only one to do a little something extra in the beginning of the video. The person said, “I’m reginae the friend with the extra entrance 😂😍.” What they’re referring to is when Carter entered the video with the brim of her hat down and covering her face, then lifted it up when the beat dropped.

However, the girl who really stole the attention on the video was Pullins. Starting off the video in a squatting position, people were impressed with the strength of the new mother’s knees.

One person said, “Okay Niqueee we see the Megan Knees Sis.” The soon-to-be 25-year-old also received this comment: “Okay we see nique with the little twerk lol.”

It has not been confirmed where the ladies went over the weekend or how long they have been away, but it looks like they really enjoyed themselves.

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