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‘Why You Ain’t Ask Mimi to Help You Sis’: Fans Reminisce After Joseline Hernandez Uses Infamous Line from ‘LHHA’ Scene

Joseline Hernandez has some of her fans reminiscing about one of the outfits she wore recently on Instagram. She uploaded a photo on March 7 wearing pink and white shorts, white socks, and a white shirt with the words “Hey Maid” plastered on the front.

“Just cleaning out the closet #heymaid,” Hernandez wrote.

Joseline Hernandez. (Photo: @joseline/Instagram)

“Hey, maid” is an iconic phrase Hernandez said to former “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” cast member Mimi Faust in one of the episodes of the show. At the time, Mimi Faust was dating producer Stevie J. and had a child with him. Although he initially told Faust that Hernandez was just his artist, it turns out there was something more intimate going on between Stevie and Hernandez.

In one scene between the love triangle, Joseline walks into Stevie’s house, and when she greets Mimi she says, “Hey, maid, I see you got on your maid outfit like you always do,” referencing the fact that Mimi owned a cleaning business. But during that scene Mimi was wearing a plain T-shirt and jeans, and she has said in previous interviews that her cleaning uniform does not resemble that of a maid.

Nonetheless, the scene was a popular one for viewers of the show, because although it was disrespectful, many thought the “hey, maid” line was hilarious.

“Why u ain’t ask Mimi to help u sis 😂,” said one fan commenting under Hernandez’s photo. Someone else wrote, “That sh-t used to crack me up 😂😂😂.”

Another person defended Mimi, writing, “You mad because you was in a relationship with somebody else man ? @joseline.”

Mimi and Hernandez have had a rocky relationship, but they ended up becoming cordial after a while. Both ladies are in other relationships, Hernandez is with another producer, Robin “DJ Balistic Beats” Ingouma, and Mimi is engaged to WNBA veteran Tamera Young. Stevie J. is also in another relationship and is married to Faith Evans.

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