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‘The Last Pic Got Me Weak’: Keyshia Ka’oir Has Fans Talking After Going Out in Sheer Dress

One thing most fans know about Keyshia Ka’oir is when she goes out she is going to dress to impress. Her latest fashion statement has many people talking, and it’s not just because of what she was wearing.

On March 5, she uploaded six photos of herself wearing a sheer dress that showed her entire body prepared for what appeared to be a night out with her husband, Gucci Mane. Under the crystal-encrusted dress, Ka’oir did not wear anything but a pair of nude underwear and paired the look with black heels.

Keyshia Ka’oir and Gucci Mane (Photo: @keyshiakaoir/Instagram)

Fans obsessed over Ka’oir’s body, especially because she just gave birth to her baby son in December, and already her waist is snatched and her curves are sitting in all the right places.

“Bodddyyyy ooodddeyyyy o deyyyyy ! Baby where ! You look utterly amazing!,” wrote one fan.

But where there are fans there are haters, and Ka’oir had a few who believed her outfit was way too revealing and even disrespectful to her husband. Like multiple people did, one person wrote a lengthy message shaming the mother of four for her choice of clothing. “Ma’am..come on. I guess this is my body still looks great after just having a baby photo. I’m pretty sure you’re not trying to prove yourself to anyone but please wear pasties if this is your choice of wear for the evening. They’re classy. I also hope you don’t catch Covid and bring it home to your new baby. Jesus this is just irresponsible adulting 🤦🏾‍♀️.”

Gucci Mane, Keyshia Ka’oir and Pierre “Pee” Thomas. @keyshiakaoir/Instagram

Some commenters couldn’t care less about Ka’oir’s actual outfit and instead were too busy laughing at Pierre “Pee” Thomas, co-founder of Quality Control Music, standing in a couple of the photos with Gucci and Ka’oir. One said, “That last pic got me weak….buddy looking like I ain’t looking and I ain’t see nothing thru that dress….lol 😂😂😂.”

Ka’oir paid no mind to the backlash, because the next day she uploaded another photo wearing the same dress while standing with City Girls rapper Yung Miami.

All that matters is to her is that she had the “Pressure applied 🤪,” which she wrote in her caption.

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