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‘That’s What Grown Women Do’: K. Michelle Claims She and Keyshia Cole Squashed Their Beef, Possibly Working on a Joint Project

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s life is too short, and for television personality and songstress K.Michelle this has proved to be true. K. Michelle confirmed on Twitter that she and her peer Keyshia Cole have cleared the air on the Clubhouse app and there is no more beef. 

“So last night on clubhouse was a great moment for the culture,” the 34-year-old tweeted on Friday, Feb. 26. “Me and @KeyshiaCole squashed any little misunderstandings we had like adults and sang songs together all night.”

(L-R) K. Michelle and Keyshia Cole. Photo: @kmichllemusic/Instagram @keyshiacole/Instagram

The conversation went so well that the “Love ‘Em All” singer said that the two might collaborate on a future EP. 

“Y’all might even see a joint EP,” K. Michelle also tweeted. “I’m just all about positivity and making great music with some great people,” she added with a heart emoji. 

Fans were all here for the two reconciling. 

“DOPE! The season of healing, reconciliation, and NEW WINS! LEGGO! 👊🏾👑👑.”

“Finally .. been WAITING for this.”

“That’s what GROWN women do ❤️.”

“LOVE TO SEE IT 😢❤️.” 

“You can tell that she’s growing, and she’s outgrown her LOVE AND HIP HOP DAYS ❤️.”

“I love that. THANK YOU, LORD.”

Many fans didn’t even know that there was a feud between Cole and K. Michelle. However, in a 10-year-old interview with, K.Michelle was asked what the issue was between her and Cole, and she claimed she didn’t have one.

“There’s absolutely nothing going on with Keyshia Cole; I don’t know what her problem is with me, but I have no problem with her,” K. Michelle said. “I bought every single Keyshia Cole album. She continues to take shots at me, and I continue to turn the other cheek. Because this is how I feel about it: If you’re hot, nobody can take your spot. It is what it is. God gave her that spot; I can’t take it,” she continued.

“She has a little boy; I have a little boy. I support her. I have no problem with Keyshia; I want to see her succeed. I love her new record, but the blows being thrown on Twitter have got to stop; we’re two grown women, two Black women, and we need to come together,” K.Michelle concluded. 

Cole has not made a statement on the two ladies doing a joint project. People don’t know where or what the songstresses’ beef stems from, but it’s clear that fans are excited that both the powerhouse vocalists got past their purported issues. 

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