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‘Why You Play So Much?’: Keke Palmer Has Fans Cracking Up After She Compares Herself to Michael Jackson

Being able to laugh at yourself is a unique talent, and actress and singer Keke Palmer has got all the jokes. 

The “Akeelah and the Bee” star recently took to her Instagram page after what appeared to be a long day on set, where she uploaded what seemed like a regular selfie. The actress was seen wearing a forest green sweater and sporting a subtle makeup look.

KeKe Palmer. @keke/Instagram

A bit confused about her appearance, the star wrote, “Idk if it’s my expression, my beat, or my luscious and thick wig, but I feel like I favor Michael Jackson if you look with one eye closed real quick. 😅.”

The post garnered over 64,000 likes from fans within three hours of its posting. Folks in the comment section were taken aback by the random message, but they were left in stitches nonetheless. “Why you play so much? 😂😂😂” one Instagram user asked. 

Celebrity hairstylist Kahh Spence commented, “Not me closing one eye, and then the other and i’m like 😳😳😭😭😭.”

“I see it sis,” a third user expressed. “But you cute though.” A fourth said, “tell why I winked & tried closing my eyes ta see it 😂& I did fa a quick second 🔥☺️😂😂.”

While others struggled to see the resemblance, they showered the actress with love anyway, including one fan who wrote, “You’re absolutely beautiful, Keke! I’ve always been a fan of yours! 😍.”

Keke had fans laughing yet again earlier this week when she called out food delivery service Postmates. The “Jump In” star explained that after reporting a failed delivery for which she was charged to her bank in 2016, she was banned from being able to place orders on the platform. 

The 27-year-old revealed that, to her surprise, she was still banned from the platform five years later. After detailing the disappointing incident, Keke pleaded with the food delivery service to end their feud. “I forgave y’all for the wrongful charge. Now just forgive me so we can move forward.” Fans sympathized with the actress and even shared their negative food delivery experiences in a show of solidarity with the star. 

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