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‘Pretty Like Toya’: Reginae Carter Got Fly for a Trip to the Car Wash

As far as Reginae Carter is concerned, whether you’re stepping onto a red carpet or stepping out to run errands, being fly is a must.

Reginae Carter is cute and casual. (Photo: @colormenae/Instagram)

The 22-year-old fashionista and social media influencer hit the streets of Atlanta on Feb. 20 to take her car in for a wash and had a mini photo shoot while she waited. Carter looked stylish and comfy in a tan knit pullover, fitted jeans, Louis Vuitton sunglasses and matching crossbody bag, and an iced-out Audemars Piguet watch.

“When you stay in all the time so you gotta get a photo opp when you go out to eat lol,” she captioned her post, in which she also gave fans an up-close look at her designer accessories.

The reality TV star confirmed in her comments that the pic was taken inside of an Atlanta area car wash.

Photo: @colormenae/Instagram

Carter is known for keeping it cute, however, the 22-year-old isn’t above a clapback every now and then. When an Instagram follower recently tried to drop a little hate in her Instagram Live video comments during a workout, Carter took the time to set them, and anyone else who agreed with them, straight.

“You can hate all you want, the f–k. I’m so tired of these people. I’m so tired of y’all,” she said, directing her frustration at those who continue to criticize her relationship with rapper YFN Lucci. “Y’all always thinking that people give a f–k about what y’all talking about. We don’t. You won’t stop me from loving who the f–k I love, you won’t stop me from doing what the f–k I wanna do, you won’t! You just won’t!”

Although the Lucci comments haven’t totally subsided, Reginae’s followers approved of the aspiring actress’s cute and casual car wash look.

“Pretty like Toya”

“my girl stay cutee😍😍❤️”

“Killing the game 💗”

“Don’t let nobody tell u you ain’t badd ❤️❤️❤️”

“🗣️If that boi yfn Lucci doesn’t wife u asap he’s a fool u young, beautiful, low mileage about ur bag and head strong…”

“I like how u spoil yo self b***h!😍🙌🏾”

Reginae’s car wash photo op. @colormenae/Instagram

Carter and YFN Lucci, whose birth name is Rayshawn Bennett, have been dating off and on since 2018, most recently reuniting last November, a few months before Lucci was arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of 28-year-old James Adams.

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