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‘Harpo Who Dis Woman’:Toya Bush-Harris’ Tennis Look Goes Left After Fans Blast the ‘M2M’ Star for Looking Visibly Different

Toya Bush-Harris‘s latest upload dedicated to her love for tennis on Feb. 17 left fans stunned after they perceived the “Married to Medicine” star looked almost unrecognizable in her themed shoot.

The 43-year-old sported a colorful top with an orange skirt as she posed in front of a tennis net. In the caption, Bush-Harris told her followers the perks of finding a sport that matches their drive to live a healthier life.

“No matter how old you are, it is always nice to find a sport that agrees with your determination to live a healthy long lifestyle!” Fans bypassed the message and expressed their concerns after they zoomed in on her face and decided that her visage appeared different from its look in her usual glam shots.

Toya Bush-Harris stuns fans in tennis-themed shoot. Photo:@toyabushharris/Instagram


“Harpo who dis woman? Something about this entire photo is just not right.”

“Something is different …’s a no for me🙅🏽‍♀️… Tbh u look older 🤷🏽‍♀️ Please bring the old Toya back!!!😫”

“Is this Toya? She looks different to me🤔.”

“I love me some Toya, but this looks like an old Dionne Warrick🤦🏽‍♀️. Please TOYA me back!!!😢.”

“You are a very beautiful woman Toya please don’t get caught up. You naturally beautiful if it’s not broken don’t fix it pleasssssse 😢😢😢😢.”

While many fans threw jabs at the “M2M” star’s different look, several others mentioned how they preferred Bush-Harris’s fuller face before all the changes. One wrote, “What’s up with the face. I love her full face before.”

An Instagram user referenced the reality star’s post shared years ago about embracing her curvy physique. “This look hell noooo we want that Toya with a big butt and full face diet or loosing weight ain’t for everybody..😢”  

In the initial post shared in 2019, the mother of two revealed that she was praying for peace of mind when accepting her fuller figure. She wrote: “For years I’ve prayed on being a skinny Girl! 2019!!! I’m praying for Peace of Mind when it comes to my thickness! I am going to embrace my curves!!! Not hide my Big o’l Butt and Continue to hit the Gym, eat healthy, but Love Me For ME!!!”

This came shortly after Bush-Harris’ “M2M” co-star Dr. Contessa Metcalfe poked fun at her weight. The pair began feuding after Dr. Contessa accused Bush-Harris of purposely hitting her in the breast while knowing the family practice physician got a double mastectomy. Metcalfe later said Bush-Harris shouldn’t be talking about her husband Eugene Harris’ weight when Bush-Harris has the “same BMI” as Eugene Harris.

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