Tami Roman to Give Back to Single Mothers and Their Families Hit Hard By Winter Storm In Texas: ‘We All Need to Stick Together’

Just hours after tearfully sharing with her fans that her Texas home was destroyed by the winter storm that hit the state this week, Tami Roman is now lending a helping hand to single mothers who also have been affected by the storm.

She uploaded a video on Feb. 18, and said, “Good morning, beautiful people. Yes, yesterday was a rough day for me, but today is a new day. Amen? I wanna start by saying thank you to each and every person who got in contact with me who sent a text, who sent an email, who sent a DM, just to let me know that they love me and that they’re praying for me. I truly, truly appreciate it.

tami roman
Tami Roman (Photo: @tamiroman/Instagram)

She continued, “Houston is the place that I call home. It’s my city. I love my Houstonians. I am well aware that people are suffering. There have been lives lost and I am equally praying for you. In addition to that, I just want to say that I’ve joined with The Allignment Chapter, which is an organization that is dedicated to providing emergency relief to single mothers and their children during times of trial. I want to give back to Houston. You have been the best city I have ever lived in. I know that what is happening with the storm did not just affect me. We all have been affected. We all need to pray and we all need to stick together. Houston strong, I love that.”

She added, “If you are a single mother, you need help with your family, please go to their page, click the link in their bio and sign up. We have emergency relief packages ready to go.”

Temperatures dropped to very low numbers over the weekend and by Monday and Tuesday, millions of Texans were without power. These were some of the lowest temperatures Texas residents had seen in 30 years. There have been several homes that are experiencing major damages due to water pipes bursting, which is what seems to have happened to Roman’s residence. The storm has also claimed around 30 lives, including ones from families that were trying different tactics to keep themselves warm.

Earlier this week, several cities in Texas issued a boil water notice, telling citizens to boil their water before consuming it to avoid any risks of contamination. The nonprofit Roman partnered with, the Allignment Chapter — according to its website — assists low-income single mothers and families in need of emergency same-day assistance, including by shipping boxes of necessities to those mothers and their families.

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