Tami Roman Breaks Down After Finding Out Her House Was Destroyed By a Winter Storm In Texas

Tami Roman is devastated after learning that her Texas home was damaged by a deadly winter storm. On Thursday, Feb. 18, she recorded herself crying while trying to give words of encouragement after learning of the recent damage inflicted upon her home.

“I’m sitting in my trailer just trying to keep it together because I know I got to go and perform today like everything is okay,” the reality TV star said. “Everything I’ve been working so hard for to be able to give my children just ripped away in an instant. And I know everybody is going through something.”

Tami Roman (Photo: @tamiroman/Instagram)

She added, “I just wanted to offer prayers up for you and your situation. Sending love and light your way. And thank you to Elijah Cohen for coming into my trailer and praying for me and with me. Everybody just be strong and to all my family and friends, Greta and Pat, for looking out for my child Jas.” She continued, adding, “And know that God makes no mistakes. And whatever you are going through it’s a reason for this season.”

A day before uploading her tearful video, Roman shared some footage of what her house looks like after undergoing damages from the icy weather this week. She captioned it, “In Atlanta working & my house in Texas is destroyed 😢😢😢😢.”

Last weekend, several states in the U.S. were affected by a massive drop in temperature, with Texas being one of the states that was hit with some of its lowest temperatures that it has seen in three decades. By Monday, the Lone Star State was covered in ice, causing millions of Texans to experience a power outage by Tuesday. Several people have lost their lives while trying to figure out ways to stay warm.

Icy roads prevented many from going to grocery stores to restock on food, and, in addition to that, water pipes are bursting inside homes, businesses, hospitals and other establishments. Currently, many cities are being put on a “boil water notice” asking residents to boil their water — if their electricity is on — before consuming it to avoid possible contamination.

It has been reported that there may not be an increase in temperature until the end of this week.

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