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Fans React to Chris Brown Saying He’s Single But Has a Girlfriend: ‘This Been His Relationship Status for the Longest’

Uber talented performer Chris Brown rarely makes appearances for interviews, but on Feb. 14 the singer joined Revolt TV’s new show “Respectfully Justin” for its premiere episode: “Toxic Valentine’s Day.”

While playing a game of “Heads Up” — where those playing answer questions or take a shot to avoid an answer — the singer was asked about his relationship status, and his response was anything but clear.

Chris Brown’s relationships with Rihanna and Karrueche Tran both played out for the public to see. Photo: @badgalriri, chrisbrownofficial, karrueche/Instagram

“I’m single with a girlfriend,” responded the “Loyal” singer.

Justin Laboy, co-host to Justin Combs, erupted in laughter before asking what exactly the complicated status entails.

“What does that consist of though? So, Valentine’s Day is coming up, so, like, you can have two, three, four, like, is there rules to that type of sh-t?” Instead of further elaborating on what sounds like a potentially messy entanglement, Brown elected to take a shot of alcohol as a means of “pleading the Fifth.”

He later elected to share that “everybody gets gifts.”

People on social media had plenty to say, given Brown’s past public relationships with singer Rihanna, actress and model Karrueche Tran, and countless allegations of cheating.

“Bruh… and you expect a WOMAN like karrueche to ever take you seriously?”

“After Rihanna he went downhill. He lost the best woman in the game.”

“This been his relationship status for the longest.”

“That’s the same relationship status a lot of y’all in and don’t know it 😂”

The 31-year-old now has two children from different women, daughter Royalty, 6, and son Aeko, 1, which is more than enough reason for him to “grow up” according to some commenters.

Chris Brown has fans scratching their heads after revealing he’s “single with a girlfriend.” (Photo: Revolt TV/Youtube)

“Time to grow up 30 yr old with 2 kids.”

“Not cute you got a daughter now grow up 🙄”

At least one person jumped into the online discussion with their own logical explanation on the single-but-not-single conundrum: “If u not married u technically single. Just ask the IRS. There is no filing with a gf/bf option”

Throughout the episode both Justins, Brown and the audience discussed “toxic” traits in relationships, from staying with a cheating partner to leaving a partner who is going through hardship.

However, on social people could not help bringing up rapper Future as a missing voice from the discussion. The rapper, who was once engaged to Ciara and for a time smitten by Lori Harvey, has a gaggle of children and a notorious reputation for being a playboy.

“Future needs to be here. This is not valid without Future.”

“They gonna need a hour for Pastor Hendrx Bc he gonna be preaching toxic masculinity like it’s a sermon.”

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