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Rihanna, Chris Brown Show off His and Her Rolex Watches

Rihanna has the number one album in the country and she received a Rolex, possibly from Chris Brown to celebrate.

Rihanna and Chris Brown both coincidentally shared photos of their his and her Rolex watches on Wednesday. The celebration stemmed from the ‘Diamonds’ singers new album “Unapologetic” which debuted at number one this week, with over 238,000 copies sold.

Rihanna tweeted a picture of herself in a Rolex watch; a gift that may or may not have been given to her from her ex, Chris Brown. In fact, Brown did little to dispel rumors that he may have been the gift-er as he tweeted a picture of the matching male version of Rolex watch. Ah…young, rich love!

The Bajan songstress has been gaining interest recently over her new album and the promotional 777 tour; where she did a total of seven shows in seven days in seven different countries. That’s a lot of traveling for the young superstar singer. While some say that Rihanna is on top and her image is in tact, others say that her relationship with the Beautiful People singer is hurting her career.

Journalists on her 777 tour press circuit are especially unnerved by RihRih’s antics accusing her of emerging only once during the 7-day tour. Additional comments have been made that Rihanna was late to her concerts (a common concern with many artists); hurried with journalists (not giving short interviews to the press, leaving them little to write about); and liberal with her partying. For some reason, certain members of the press attribute her behavior to her recent rekindled friendship with Brown.

However, the “Nobodies Business” singer is a grown woman who has and will continue to make her own choices; public sentiment be damned. While journalists looking to get the next inside story fume over the star’s inaccessibility, Rihanna takes to Twitter to connect with fans and the public that supports her. It may not be smart for her to anger the people who write about her, but it is certainly worthwhile to ensure that her fans feel appreciated. There is no denying that Rihanna does a great job of engaging with her fans.

Will the lack of press access during the 777 tour change the tide in favorable coverage for the star? It’s doubtful. Unless and until Rihanna begins to shun all press by canceling interviews and banning journalists from her venues, this little uproar will blow over. For now, the girl with the number one album in the country is “Unapologetic,” and celebrating her way.

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