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‘That is Hilarious to Me’: B.Simone Laughs Off the News That She Allegedly Stole Her Message About Manifesting Love from Two Other Women

B.Simone is being accused of stealing the work of two women, Donnii P and J P Writes, who, like Simone, practice manifestation. On Tuesday, Feb. 16, both women, who seem to have no relationship to each other at all, came out on their respective social media pages claiming B.Simone’s Valentine’s Day message for how women should manifest love was a ripoff of their content.

In a now-deleted Instagram Story post, Donnii P wrote, “The same sh-t I said two weeks ago, some women dragged me for but the moment BSimone says the sh-t yall d-ck ride. Mannnn listen yall know where yall seen that sh-t first, shoutout to everyone who’s been tagging me in that post saying she stole my sh-t yall the real ones for rocking with me.” Donnii P is referring to an video she posted on Feb. 2 where she is telling women to “get you together first” so they can “meet that man halfway through and through,” as she said in her caption.

B. Simone. (Photo: @thebsimone/Instagram)

As for J P Writes, she is alleging that Simone stole the idea of telling women to write out a list detailing what they want in a man and then write another list about what type of women that man would need. J P Writes uploaded a seven-minute Instagram video to her page detailing her side of how Simone stole from her Writes’ book “The List: Are You On It?” From 0:22-1:12, Writes says, “So as the saying goes, once a thief, always a thief. So, B. Simone has been in the headlines before for stealing from authors, passing the work as her own, and then claiming that her team did it behind her back. However, here we go again. She’s stealing from another author and passing the work as her own, only this time she doesn’t have a book out yet.

“But I feel like if I know what I know, it’s coming, and then she’s going to claim it was hers from the beginning. I don’t know if y’all seen The Shade Room recently, where she went viral on a video about ‘manifesting love.’ So she’s manifesting love, now she’s dating an NFL player, she’s not single anymore, supposedly. So everybody thinks she’s manifesting this thing. And I thought it was cute until somebody sent me something in a DM saying, ‘Hmmm, seems familiar you need to stop letting everybody steal your sauce.’”

These allegations come after the comedian went viral for her Valentine’s Day Instagram video where she advised women to get themselves together before requiring a man to have specific qualities, telling them “let’s become the person we want to attract.”

Donnii P’s Instagram Story message (Photo: @iamdonniip/Instagram)

Simone caught wind of the allegations from the two women and seemingly responded in an unbothered post. While drinking a beverage with one of her friends, Simone said in a now-deleted video: “Who was the first person to make a list, because it wasn’t none of us. They’re not living. The first person in history to make a list is deceased. I can assure you.

She later added, “That is hilarious to me.” Simone also said, “I’m a stealer — you stealing my peace. You a stealer.”

Some fans came to her defense. One said, “Every therapist, life coach, etc says make a list. They need to stop,” and someone else commented, “So people can’t have the same idea or thought process on a subject .. umm ok 👌🏾🤔🙄.”

Others sided with the accusers instead. One person said, “She did it officer,” and another agreed saying, “Bruh the fact that she knew she did it just irks me.”

Last year, Simone was accused by bloggers of plagiarism when it was revealed that the content from Simone’s book was the same as the bloggers’ content.

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