‘Stop the Romantics’: Fans Crack Up After Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris’ Son Interrupts Their Dancing

Love is in the air with Yandy Smith-Harris and Mendeecees Harris, but their children don’t like it.

On Sunday, February 14, she uploaded a three-minute video of her showing fans how to use Yelle Skincare products, but before beginning her demonstration she and her husband shared a cute moment between themselves.

Mendeecees Harris, Omere Harris, Yandy Smith-Harris, and Skylar Harris (Photo: @yandysmith/Instagram)

The video begins with Yandy and Mendeecees holding hands and dancing to Teyana Taylor’s song “Gonna Love Me.” Then their son Omere Harris stepped between them trying to break them up and said, “OK, OK, stop the romantics. Let’s just wash our face, OK? You can stop. You can stop. Come on.”

As the 8-year-old continues to attempt to separate his parents, viewers can suddenly hear a dog barking in the background. As they come closer to the camera the dog hops up close to Yandy’s face and shows her some love by licking her a few times on her cheek. Yandy replies, saying, “Aye, everybody’s jealous.”

Later Yandy’s 6-year-old daughter Skylar Harris came into the video, interrupting her parent’s and brother’s face-washing process to ask for gum. After the mother of two finished washing her face and her husband got the kids out of the bathroom she said, “In the meantime, we can get back to practicing.” But Mendeecees told her “no more dancing, I’m sorry. I’ve got to go.”

Fans joked about how the entrepreneur’s entire family tried to mess up her alone time with her man.

One person wrote, “Awww!!! love you Yandy and family 😍, your dog said I need love too 😝 so cute thanks for sharing 😃.”

Others showed their admiration for her family. One said, “That was so cute! And real! It be like that allll the time in our home😆. Black families are beautiful and excellent in EVERY WAY!!! Keep up the awesome example! Black Love❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

Yandy and Mendeecees tied the knot in 2015, they share two children, and Mendeecees has two other children from previous relationships.

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