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‘The Luckiest Woman In the World’: Lori Harvey Sends Social Media Into a Frenzy After Posting Photos from Her Valentine’s Day with Boyfriend Michael B. Jordan

Actor Michael B. Jordan went all out this Valentine’s Day for his girlfriend, Lori Harvey

While many were opening up gifts from the comforts of their homes and hopefully safely at restaurants where it was permitted, Michael and Lori were enjoying their holiday of romance touring around an aquarium the “Black Panther” star rented out exclusively for just the two.

While sharing moments from their Valentine’s Day date night, the daughter of funnyman Steve Harvey revealed all the amazing things the actor had planned for her that night, starting with a trip to the aquarium. At the entrance, which could be seen in Lori’s Instagram Stories, the floors were covered in red, white and pink flower petals with lit candles placed along the walking path. 

Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey Photo: @loriharvey/Instagram

The pair then had a candlelit dinner of different types of sushi. In other slides, the two made their way to what appeared to be a hotel room decorated with even more bouquets. Michael gifted Lori a stuffed turtle — in honor of the nickname he gave the model — and by buying stock from luxury brand Hermès for Lori. 

Michael’s grand gestures were too much to handle by fans online who let it be known that they were deep in their feelings, including one Twitter user who wrote, “just saw Lori Harvey’s ig story, brb going to cry 🥺.”

Another person commented, “Michael B Jordan really bought stocks in Hermès for Lori Harvey for Valentine’s Day LOL.” They added, “Making me feel broke phi broke.”

“Lori Harvey’s ig story called me lonely, old, single and broke in 13 different languages. She really is the luckiest woman in the world omg,” a third said. 

A fourth wrote, “Every day I check Lori Harvey’s stories to see what kind of young, beautiful, rich, fly girl shit she is up to and she never disappoints.”

Of course, there were those who cracked jokes about the couple having a sushi dinner at an aquarium, including one person who commented, “Omg Lori Harvey and Michael B Jordan ate a seafood dinner in an aquarium?! I mean seafood slaps but not in front of their kids n sh-t damn.”

Lori and Michael sparked dating rumors when they were seen traveling together around the Thanksgiving 2020 holiday, and then again around New Year’s Day. They became Instagram official in January 2021, and fans have been swooning over them ever since. 

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