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‘How Did You Find Me?’: Marjorie Harvey Stunned When Her Husband Steve Harvey Surprises Her While On Vacation

Valentine’s Day is that special day of celebration where lovers spend time honoring each other and their love, usually by surprising them with gifts. On Feb. 13, Marjorie Harvey figured since she was separated from Steve Harvey that she would surprise him by making a video for Valentine’s Day, but it was Marjorie who actually ended up surprised.

The Saturday video begins with her sitting down with some unknown people enjoying a meal and looking at her phone when one of those people prompted her to look up. Marjorie then screams, “Holy Shit,” drops her phone on the table, scoots out of her chair, and jumps into Steve’s arms. Steve, who is trying to keep his cool persona, says, “What’s up, girl” patting his wife on the butt before she kisses him multiple times. Marjorie jumps down and hugs other people in the room before coming back to her husband and telling him that she was “so glad” that he made it.

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey (Photo: marjorie_harvey/Instagram)

The one-minute, 17-second video continued with Marjorie asking Steve “How did you find me?” The 64-year-old comedian responded, “How did I find you? I am your husband. You can’t go nowhere I don’t know.”

A day later, Marjorie uploaded a three-minute video revealing that she was originally trying to surprise Steve with a video, but as she put it in her caption, the “surpriser got surprised.”

Fans loved every bit of the sweet and special moment, especially the part where Steve explained how he knew where Marjorie was.

One fan wrote, “He said I’m your husband, you can’t go anywhere without me knowing alright Steve I love it…. Happy Valentines to you both heart ❤️❤️.”

Others could not get over Marjorie’s reaction. One said, “This reaction was everything❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

The video was so cute to many of the Harveys’ followers that a few said one watch was not enough. A person wrote, “I have watched 50 times. I just love y’all ❤️❤️.”

For a little over a week, the mother of three has been vacationing in an unknown snowy and mountainous area. While she posted several solo pictures, Steve uploaded numerous videos that show him working, giving the indication that he was not vacationing with her. This comes after Steve and Marjorie spent time vacationing in St. Barts to celebrate his 64th birthday.

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