‘He Said You Talking too Much’: Yandy Smith-Harris Gets Cut Off By Her Son After She Tries to Tell His Business

Yandy Smith-Harris is showing some love to her “SONshine” on Instagram, and fans can’t get enough.

She uploaded a video on Friday, Feb. 12, of her son, Omere Harris, wrapping his arm around his mother’s neck while she gently held his face. Smith’s husband, Mendeecees Harris, tried to sneak into the video, but she quickly let him know that he was not allowed. She said, “Not you. Just him,” as she put the camera back on her and her son.

Yandy Smith
Yandy Smith-Harris and her son Omere Harris @yandysmith/Instagram

When Harris began doing a little trash talk to the side saying Smith-Harris’ behavior was some “real hater stuff,” the mother of two went on to talk about her son. She said, “My sonshine was mad at me today, because I wouldn’t let him…” Before she could finish, Omere covered his mother’s mouth with his hand.

The video ended with Erica Banks’ “Buss It” song coming on in the background as Smith-Harris panned the phone to let her husband into the shot, only to zoom it back in on her and her son.

In the caption of her post, she wrote, “It’s the sparkle in his eyes for me. My SONshine 🌞 @omereandskylar.”

Fans commented on how adorable Smith-Harris and her son were together.

One person said, “A family that sparkles together 😍.”

Others laughed about Omere’s reaction to his mom getting ready to tell the reason why he was mad at her earlier that day.

A fan wrote, “He said don’t tell them that story or his business 😂 Lmaoo 😍,” and someone else wrote, “He said you talking too much now Ma…. 😂🙏🏾😅.”

Someone else could not help but notice the striking resemblance between Omere and his mom and dad. That person said, “I thought he looked so much like his mommy but right next to his dad, I see he took after him too. ❤️❤️.”

Smith-Harris and and her husband share another child, their six-year-old daughter, Skylar Harris.

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