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‘A Little Lazy, But I Don’t Generally Get Complaints’: Porsha Williams Discusses Her Sex Life During ‘Bravo’s Chat Room’

Porsha Williams ranked her love-making skills on Feb. 10 during a segment on “Bravo’s Chat Room,” featuring Williams, Gizelle BryantHannah Berner, and Kate Chastain. William’s co-host Berner suggested the panel play a description game where they collectively share quick, intimate details of their sex lives. 

Williams compared her description to a “dead fish.” She said, “A little lazy, but I generally don’t get complaints. That is a dead fish motto, and I love it.” Upon hearing the term, Bryant immediately responded to the comment by saying, “Men don’t like dead fish, Porsha you have to move.”

Porsha Williams said she’s lazy in the bedroom during “Bravo’s Chat Room.” (Photo: @porsha4real/Instagram)

The mother of one combatted Bryant’s “moving” statement by informing her that none of her previous partners have complained in the past. She said, “It’s not true, honey, I have been married, and I have a child. I have not had any complaints.”

Williams also physically demonstrated how she gets away with lazy sex by lifting her leg up in the air. “They are normally happy as long as I can hitch it up.”

While viewing the position Berner compares it to resembling a dog in a peeing stance. Williams then alerted her co-host that she was too young to try that position. “You don’t know about that yet you are too young.”

Williams also let Berner know as men age, they would be “happy” just to get any action at all. “When you get older he just is happy to get it. and you just be like a dog peeing, Get it or gone.”

Williams’ other co-hosts like Berner also opened up about their sex lives. The talk show host said she was, “very lazy in the morning, best midday, terrible after dinner” if she eats cheese.

While Bryant followed suit but compared her sex life to candy. “I hope you like candy,” because she is sugary sweet and very addictive.

This interview came days shy of Valentine’s Day. Williams recently revealed she’ll be celebrating it alone — officially confirming her split from ex-fiancé Dennis McKinley — as she posted an image posing in front of heart-shaped balloons. The 39-year-old captioned the post, “Who else ready for a solo-V Day? I love you Porsha  #SelfLove.”

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