‘We Left the Set and Had a Good Cry’: Meagan Good and Her Sister La’Myia Tapped Into Past Hurt for Roles In New Movie About an Abusive Relationship

Meagan Good reveals that she and her sister La’Myia Good tapped into past hurt for their new TV movie “Death Saved My Life.” The movie chronicles the saga of a woman who escapes an abusive relationship by faking her own death. Meagan plays the title role of Jade, while La’Myia plays her on-screen sister Leigh, who supports Jade while dealing with her own struggle with bipolar disorder.

“There are things that we’ve been through that only we know about,” Meagan told Atlanta Black Star in an interview with the two sisters recently.  “A lot of it was literally pulling something out of my toolbox that I know that I’ve experienced, that she knows that I’ve experienced, and we’re communicating just here,” she revealed.

“We were definitely drawing from a place of past experiences and things that only one another would know.” La’Myia echoed. “We were sharing the words on the page, but there was definitely a connection and a link and experience there. Maybe not to that extent, but we were drawing from a place of pain and hurt and understanding,” she said. La’Myia said that Jade and Leigh’s relationship, much like their own real relationship, offered a powerful lesson about sisterhood.

(L-R) Meagan Good and La’Myia Good. Photo courtesy of Meagan Good and La’Myia Good

“That’s what sisterhood is about. Making room for the other person, and hearing them out, holding them accountable, loving on them, filling them up. We absolutely drew from a place of authenticity when filming those scenes,” she said.

The sisters also revealed that they had a good cry after scenes as well. “We left the set and we had a good cry inside that trailer after one particular scene where I confess to her what’s going on,” Meagan said. “So it was a very unique experience and one of the best ones I’ve had both in part because of my sister being there but also in part because of Chiké,” she said in reference to Chiké Okonko, who plays her abusive husband. “The kind of thing that we were doing, you want to be around a positive spirit and soul and people you enjoy being with.”

“Death Saved My Life” premieres on Lifetime on Feb. 13. 

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