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‘Pretty Before and After’: Ciara Does the ‘I’m So Pretty’ Challenge, Fans Say She’s ‘Beautiful’ Either Way

Ciara might be a little late to the party when doing some of the trending TikTok challenges, but better late than never, right? On Wednesday, Feb. 10, she uploaded a video of herself taking on the “I’m So Pretty” challenge.

The video began with CiCi tapping to the beat with a fresh face while dressed in a black sweatshirt and rocking her pink hair in a ponytail. After the last tap, she transforms to a more glammed-up look, wearing a black blazer dress, pink lipstick, eye shadow, and this time her pink hair was straightened.

Ciara. (Photo: @ciara/Instagram)

After she transitions into her new look, she begins to spray her R&C fragrance, which is a scent she and her husband Russell Wilson created, on her neck. At the very end of the video, Wilson pops up behind Ciara, making her smile, as he continues to walk. In the caption she wrote, “When that fragrance be having you feelin some type a way R&C……❤️🥰

Fans complimented the mother of three on how great she looked in both halves of the video.

One person wrote, “How you’re pretty before and after? Life ain’t fair! 😂😍🔥,” and someone else said, “You’re really beautiful and so confident which is just so sexy ❤️.”

Other fans commented on Ciara and Russell’s fragrance, with one person saying, “Folks gonna be out here buying that cologne and reciting Ciara’s prayer for a Russ of their own!!😍🙌❤️.

Someone else added, “You saw his face. Cici, Russ told you what you smell like when you put R&C on. 😂😂😂❤️.”

It seems Ciara was having all types of fun in her black dress on the night of the Super Bowl. That night she uploaded two posts of herself wearing the same black dress. In the first post she shouted her husband out for receiving the Walter Payton Man of The Year Award, and in the second she stunned fans by slaying the “Walk” challenge in Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium, the Super Bowl venue.

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