‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Bella Speaks Out Following Rumors of Her Involvement In Cast Mate Fly Tatted’s Death: Y’all Didn’t See What I Seen

Following the untimely passing of “Black Ink Crew” star Fly Tatted, whose real name is Elijah Muhammad-Bey, disturbing allegations began swirling the internet claiming that his cast mate Bella played a role in his death.

Bella took to her Instagram Live on Tuesday, Feb. 9, where she addressed the claims against her in an emotional clip captured by blog site The Shade Room.

“I don’t even care what y’all saying about me. I don’t even care that y’all calling me these names, and murderer. All I care about is him and his family,” Bella said tearfully. “He didn’t mean to do it.” She pleaded with viewers to leave her alone. “Y’all didn’t see what I seen,” she continued.

(L-R) Bella. Fly Tatted. Photo: @bellatatted/instagram. @fly_tatted1/instagram

Bella claimed that she told police she was supposed to meet Fly’s father and that the tattoo artist didn’t kill himself on purpose. “He was fighting demons,” she said to the camera before breaking down entirely and screaming, “Y’all didn’t see what I seen.” Bella’s daughter was also seen near her in the footage. 

On Wednesday, Bella shared a memo on her Instagram page, presumably in response to the continued discussion surrounding her involvement. She wrote, “I CAN’T UNSEE MY BABY DOING THAT I LOVED HIM MORE THAN ANYTHING AND Y’ALL WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND I HAD TO SEE.” She added, “I DON’T WANT TO BE HERE I DON’T WANT TO SEE IT ANYMORE.” Bella removed the commenting feature on the post.

Bella. @bellatatted/Instagram

Fly’s death was initially revealed by cast mates Ryan Henry and Charmaine Bey, who said their fellow co-star had died by an apparent suicide. However, hours later, in a now-deleted Instagram Stories post, Ryan wrote that he misspoke and that Fly’s death was not a suicide but instead a homicide. “Due to earlier misinformation yesterday. Family and friends confirm that Elijah ‘Fly Tatted’s’ death has been ruled a homicide, not a suicide. Prayers to his family,” the tattoo boss wrote. 

Prayers and condolences for Fly Tatted’s family and the “Black Ink Crew” community continue to pour in. One Instagram user commented, “I hope someone getting her help, her daughter shouldn’t be seeing her like this or hearing her say she wants to die with him… this is sad 💔💔.”

“I know it hurts but please heal off social media,” another person expressed.

As of this writing, Fly’s death is still under investigation as there is no definitive answer as to the cause of death. Stay posted as this story continues to develop. 

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