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‘Giving Me Scary Movie’: Joseline Hernandez Uploads Dazzling Photos, But Her Followers Are Not a Fan of Her Sparkly Look

When Joseline Hernandez dresses up she usually comes out with hits, but it looks like this time might have been a miss. On Feb. 10 she uploaded a series of photos of herself wearing a black cut-out dress by celebrity designer Abella by Blanco that had multiple strings of rhinestones in a few of the cutouts. The dress itself is already a big eye-catcher, but Hernandez decided to crank it up a notch by adding an embellished headpiece, big hoop earrings, embellished stickers to cover her areolae, silver bracelets, and silver shoes.

It is not clear where exactly Hernandez was going in the sparkly outfit, but it seems that it might have been one of her looks for her Zeus Network show “Joseline’s Cabaret.” She wrote in the caption, “Day 1 Of Joselines Cabaret Season 2! Last Night Was Epic! Dress: by @abellabyblanco Season 2 Airs in A couple of Months! Get Ready! To Watch Season 1 Of Joselines Cabaret and Joselines Cabaret Auditions Click my link and Stream Today 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥Makeup @picaassoHair @gailhudsonPhoto by @balisticbeats.”

Joseline Hernadez. (Photos: @joseline/Instagram)

The reality TV star received mixed reviews for the attention-grabbing look. One person wrote, “OMG you look absolutely amazing sexy stunning drop dead gorgeous in that outfit 🌹👌🔥,” and someone else agreed, referring to her as a “Beautiful goddess.”

Another follower who did not seem to care for the outfit wrote, “Omg this is not cute,” and someone else compared her to Jigsaw from the scary movie franchise “Saw,” writing, “Giving me Scary movie, let’s play a game vibes.”

It appears Hernandez was going for a belly dancer look with the headpiece and the makeup. Her face was made up with red lipstick, a nude eyeshadow, and thick eyeliner.

Nonetheless, Hernandez did receive quite a few fire and heart-eye emojis from fans. However, others were only commenting about their excitement for her show.

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