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‘That Doesn’t Even Look Like the Same Woman’: La La Anthony Flaunts New Cut and Color, Fans Are Confused

La La Anthony’s fans are doing a double-take after her new look was revealed on Feb. 3. Since getting her hair done by celebrity stylist Arrogant Tae, the actress has been killing it with the hairdos and now she is hitting her fans with a new beautiful style.

In a short boomerang clip, she sits in a chair as Arrogant Tae films her face and hair. The hair is styled in a short bob-like cut with the ends flipped out and a bang. What really makes the hair stand out is the color. It starts as a darker color at the roots then transitions to a honey color.

La La Anthony’s hair stylist, Arrogant Tae, shows off his client’s new ‘do. (Photo: @arrogant_tae123/Instagram)

“Something different for la 🥰🥰 @lala same wig different style,” Tae wrote in his Instagram post.

But fans were not so convinced that the woman in the boomerang was the “Power” star. Maybe it was the duck-lip facial pose she was doing or perhaps it is because the video was taken from a diagonal angle. Regardless, people were taken aback.

One person wrote, “You couldn’t have told me this was Lala 😳🔥,” while another said, “That doesn’t even look like the same woman🔥😍😍,” with both followers still complimenting Tae on his work.

Someone else added, “She can never go wrong when tae touch that head,” and another person wrote, “IT’S LAID 🔥❤️.”

Since linking up with Tae, La La has been coming through with the heat and has been getting a little out of her comfort zone with hair color. She has let him dye her hair burgundy and a ginger brownish color. As Tae said in another post with La La in it, he’s “always for making women try new things n new styles , n colors 💚.” Patting himself on the back for his style, he also wrote, “I’m so Inlove with this cut n color I did.”

Tae, born Dionte Gray, is based in Atlanta and is the hair stylist for other celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Dream Doll, Jayda Wayda and Ariana Fletcher.

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