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‘She Look TF Good’: Keyshia Cole Goes All Black for New Hairstyle

Keyshia Cole is killing it again with another jet black hairstyle. In the short clip, Cole is grooving to her new single “I Don’t Wanna Be In Love” while her hair stylist, Jonathan Wright, records her to show off her hair. She is rocking long black, body wave hair, a black leather top and some black pants. Her eye shadow and lips were a soft pink color.

As she swayed from side to side, Cole told Wright “I miss you friend,” and he responded “I miss you too friend. Look at you. Baby looking blessed.” She finished his sentence with “and highly favored.”

Keyshia Cole (Photo: @keyshiacole/Instagram)

Fans agreed that Cole looked amazing in the video.

One person said, “She look tf good !!! Gone head sis,” and someone else agreed that “She is gorgeous.”

Jonathan Wright, who calls himself “The Celebrity Guru,” also stepped into the comments, writing, “Y’all know had to get my girl Right.”

Another person wrote, “She look like she had another sippy sippy 😂,” which is a reference to how some viewers believed Cole was acting in her “Verzuz” battle with Ashanti. There was a certain point in the battle where Cole got up and started dancing during the song “Give It Up To Me” which she is featured on with Sean Paul. Fans believed Cole was inebriated while she was dancing, but she has since denied the rumors. She revealed that “it wasn’t until the end when I was like, ‘Lemme get a couple shots.’ At the end. It was time to have a good time at that point.”

Several people stated that “This should’ve been her look for her verzus battle.” But even during the Jan. 21 event, she had a similar theme going on with her look. She wore another all-black outfit and her hair was jet black then too. However, instead of her rocking a middle part, she wore a side part, and her hair was straightened instead of curled.

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