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‘Step On me’: Halle Bailey Has Fans Begging for More of Her Angelic Selfie Photos

While Chloe Bailey is killing it in the body category, her sister Halle Bailey is serving all face! The singing sisters finally have separate Instagram accounts, and both are showing out in their own way. On Monday, Jan. 25, Halle uploaded a series of four photos giving different facial poses.

On her face, she only wears glossy red lipstick, and her hair is pushed back in a beautiful style. As for her outfit, she is wearing a long-sleeved black crop top, waist beads and black sweatpants. Gazing into the lens of the camera, Halle poses using just her eyes and smile to capture her fans’ attention.

Halle Bailey (Photo: @hallebailey/Instagram)

She wrote “she’s got many faces 💋” in the caption.

Fans obsessed over the 20-year-old’s beauty in the comments section.

Halle Bailey (Photo: @hallebailey/Instagram)

One person said, “stop you are a legitimate angel omg,” and another person wrote, “dammit im really in love w u and this account only makes it worse.”

She received many other compliments from fans calling her “Beautiful,” “Stunning” and “Amazing.” “Step on me,” said one person.

Other fans wanted Halle to give up her secrets. One asked, “how are you so gorgeous? 🌟.”

Although she did not answer him right then, there have been other times that Halle and Chloe have given up some details on their beauty secrets. In 2018, many fans were disappointed to learn what the songstresses use to keep their skin so clear.

On their joint Twitter account, they tweeted, “for everyone asking… our skin routine: moisturizer = coconut oil toner = rose water/witch hazel makeup remover = olive oil 🤗💁🏽‍♀️💋.”

Fans who may deal with more chronic acne issues were not here for the simple method because they felt the regimen would not work for them. As for another type of regimen: To maintain their physical health, the sisters not only work out, they also are committed to a vegan diet.

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