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‘Category Is Body’: Draya Michele Tantalizes Fans with Beach Photo

It looks like Draya Michele might be celebrating her birthday in the tropics. She uploaded a photo on Jan. 28 of herself sitting on a beach in Jamaica, hitting a striking pose. In the photo, she is sitting in the clear water leaning back with one leg propped up. She is wearing a two-piece zebra print swimsuit, silver hoop earrings, and a pair of black sunglasses.

“OoO…. Best, -Draya,” she wrote.

Draya Michele (Photo: @drayamichele/Instagram)

Fans wrote to Michele in the comments complimenting her on her amazing physique.

One person wrote, “Category is body.”

Someone else said, “Sweet Baby Jesus,” while another wrote, “Well go off then!! 🤯🔥”

One envious fan commented, “yeah ok so you look good we know lol cheers take care.”

The 36-year-old — as of Jan. 23 — has never been shy about flaunting her body for Instagram, and fans and celebrities alike show their admiration for how beautiful her figure is. As plastic surgery becomes more prevalent in American culture, people are more prone to be skeptical of the authenticity of someone who has an attractive body shape.

But after one fan tried to call Michele out for not being honest about the cosmetic surgery she has had done on her body, the former “Basketball Wives” star clapped back, letting the world know that although she has had some work done, the rest of her body she worked hard for.

The fan tweeted, “We really need to hurry up and destigmatize plastic surgery because y’all need to stop blatantly lying like this to us and making women feel like a body like that is attainable. Surgery is okay draya omg.”

The mother of two responded, “For the record. I’ve never had lipo suction, s curve, fat transfer, and Brazilian butt lift…. for any confusion out there. There isn’t a doctor out there that can take credit for anything on me except these boobs and that’s dr david Kim BEVERLY HILLS plastic surgery.”

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