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‘Knock His Cup Over Sis’: Ayesha Curry Puts Hubby Steph Curry’s Bad Habit on Blast

Ayesha Curry is letting it be known that when it comes to being married to NBA baller Steph Curry, some problems are universal, no matter your tax bracket.

The 31-year-old author of the cookbook “The Seasoned Life” publicly shamed her beloved on Instagram Stories for a mistake that had many fans on her side. “I really want some cranberry juice. Let me get some cranberry juice!” she exclaimed in the video, as she opened the refrigerator, ready to partake in a refreshing glass. She then pulled out an empty Ocean Spray bottle before turning to her husband to shout “The audacity! The audacity of this man!”

Ayesha Curry put her hubby on blast for a very common pet peeve. Photo:@ayeshacurry/Instagram

As she jokingly confronted Steph with the evidence, he looked over his shoulder confused, as he asked “What’d I do?”

The loving couple, which met when they were teens and have been going strong since getting married in 2011, recently celebrated Steph crossing a milestone when he scored a career-high 62 points when the Golden State Warriors faced off against the Portland Trail Blazers on Jan. 3.

In contrast to her cranberry juice call-out, Ayesha celebrated her man’s win with a loving message about his dedication to being a team player. “So proud!!! 62?! Year 12?! Goodness,” she wrote. “Best part is he’ll be excited about it sure, BUT it’s more about the team wins for him. That’s what makes him so special. Love you @stephencurry30 #dubnation foreverrrr.”

Steph Curry is caught red-handed. Photo:@ayeshacurry/Instagram

Steph kept his celebration of the occasion brief and humble, posting, “Tonight was fun! Sometimes you don’t have to say anything. Stay present, stay in the moment…Have fun. All glory to God.”

Being a superstar doesn’t excuse him from having his bad habits straightened out at home, however. Fans completely felt Ayesha’s frustration and took to the comments to commiserate with her over Steph’s faux pas.

“Ok so rich men do this too 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄”

“Oh nah. Now we have to fight.”

“Knock his cup over sis.🤣”

“See because that would’ve made me so mad😭😭 might as well have took that little sip”

“He said it’s a lil🤏🏽 mo in there”

The Currys are parents to three children, 8-year-old daughter Riley, who makes a brief appearance in the video, younger daughter Ryan, 5, and son, Canon, 2.

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