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‘Bruh Ain’t Go Nowhere’: Fans Enjoy Watching Steve and Marjorie Harvey’s Efforts After They Try New Water Sport Activities

Marjorie and Steve Harvey are not quite done celebrating his birthday. Steve turned 64 on Jan. 17, and he and his wife have been on vacation on their private yacht living their best lives.

Now it looks like they have decided to partake in some exciting water activities. On Tuesday, Jan. 26, Harvey uploaded a video of him riding a jet ski while smoking a cigar. As he also said in the video before riding off, he wrote, “This is how you jet ski in St. Bart!!”

Steve and Marjorie Harvey enjoy their water sports activities L: (Photo: @iamsteveharveytv/Instagram) R: (Photo: @marjorieharvey/Instagram)

The comedian had fans cracking up at how slow he rode off into the water and circled back to the person behind the camera.

One person said, “I thought you was bouta zoom off. Bruh ain’t go nowhere 😂😂,” while another added, “Safe in a circle! I feel you unc!!🤣”

It’s no secret that Marjorie is the most adventurous one out of the two because she is always down to do the most exhilarating activities.

She uploaded a video on Jan. 23 sea bobbing with her goggles on. The 56-year-old held on to the machine as it took around the water. She uploaded another video the next day on Jan. 24 of her flyboarding. She stood on the board in the water as it flew a little above it before bringing her back down in it.

Although Marjorie does seem to like trying new things, when it comes to flyboarding she said, “I tried it……. Flyboard no more 🤣.”

Fans cheered Marjorie on for being “so brave,” and another person wrote “Of course you tried it…fearless!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾”

The two have been mum about where they were vacationing to celebrate Steve’s birthday, but one might guess that they are somewhere in the West Indies on an island called Saint- Barthélemy since Steve said “St. Bart” while on the jet ski. It looks like Steve and Marjorie’s children did not join them for this trip, and it is not clear when they will be returning to their Atlanta home, but it looks like they are in no rush to go back.

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