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‘It’s Very Disheartening’: Rick Ross Accused of Colorism After Resurfaced Clip of Singing Competition TV Show ‘Signed’ Trends on Twitter, Both Singers Respond

It looks like Rick Ross made a “poor decision” back in 2017, and it’s coming back to haunt him. That year, Ross appeared on VH1’s talent search reality TV series “Signed” alongside industry music executive Lenny S and singer/producer, The-Dream, looking for artists to sign to one of their record labels.

While the show consisted of active workshops that gave artists the chance to prove themselves to the three judges, one clip rubbed Black Twitter the wrong way. The episode shows contestant Just Brittany, who has appeared on “Love & Hip Hop,” and Kaiya auditioning.

(L-R) Kaiya, Rick Ross and Just Brittany. Photo: @i_kaiya/Instagram, @richforever/Instagram, @queenjustbrittany/Instagram

Both ladies sang over an instrumental of former prison guard Ross’ “Aston Martin Music.” Brittany, a fair-skinned woman, received favorable feedback from all three judges, with Lenny S., who works for ROC Nation, saying it was the “smartest move of her life.”

However, Kaiya, a dark-skinned woman, was auditioning when the “BOSS” cut her audition short.

“That wasn’t the best platform for your voice. You have a unique voice. And Brit did sound better than yours.”

Many people felt the 44-year-old rapper based his opinion on looks instead of talent. It didn’t help that Ross was seen taking Just Brittany shopping in another clip, confirming to some observers that there was a bias.

The clip made its rounds on Twitter, and it didn’t sit well with social media users.

“The first woman sounded HORRIBLE. She was awful. I’m still annoyed about this because the industry nowadays is really like this. The second girl sounded BEAUTIFUL,” someone said on Twitter.

“It makes me wonder how many dark-skinned Black women were stopped from accomplishing their dream because of kneegrows like this,” someone else said on Twitter.

Kaiya did an exclusive interview with The Shade Room and said that the support she’s receiving is “humbling.”

“Colorism is a topic that needs to be discussed wholly and not summed up in one response, but it’s very disheartening to know so many go through this male or female,” Kaiya said.

“To pin Black women and men against one another, or make it where some are seen superior is sad. As the years go on, I hope it’s being addressed and rectified in the future,” the songstress added.

Just Brittany finally stepped into The Shade Room comments in support of Kaiya.

“I’m happy that this video is making its rounds, and I want to say that colorism definitely plays a role in lighter-skinned women, like myself, having more access in the industry,” Just Brittany wrote. “Kaiya is extremely talented, and I wish darker women were seen more.”

Singer Kaiya from the VH1 series “Signed.” @I_Kaiya/Instagram

While some believed that Just Brittany speaking out was commendable, many thought that she should have said something at the moment.

“She’s speaking up now & stuff like you should’ve said something at the moment, girl.”

On the other hand, Kaiya said she has met some fantastic people from the show and is still recording and writing.

For now, Kaiya hasn’t heard from either Lenny S, The-Dream, or Ross.

“The men are super busy, and that it will be awesome to work with them again!”

The controversy follows after singer DaniLeigh played a snippet of her controversial song “Yellow Bone.” She has since issued an apology to those she’s offended.

What people are saying

27 thoughts on “‘It’s Very Disheartening’: Rick Ross Accused of Colorism After Resurfaced Clip of Singing Competition TV Show ‘Signed’ Trends on Twitter, Both Singers Respond

  1. Rob says:

    I don’t think your publication is doing much better than Ross by choosing these particular pictures to represent these women and giving one more shine than the other.

  2. Mz. Dawn says:

    Kneegrows learned it from their slave masters. And then he preyed upon the silly little girl that went in there half naked smfh. But what do we expect from an ex-corrections officer-identity-stealing-Gangsta-wannabe? The fake Rick Ross is a bitch and just plain useless. Somebody throw that kneegrow a bag of boy and get him the phuck up out of here

  3. Rahjah says:

    Wow that first girl was trash! The second girl sounded amazing! Just sickens what they did to her!

  4. Regina Douglass says:

    The brown skin young lady sounded much better just saying

  5. Anonymous says:

    I thought she used to dance for Ross at the strip club and they even hooked up…or eluded to it…honestly, I think that’s where the bias is…they have history so he favors her

  6. None of your business says:

    Stop looking at what color someone skin. Skin color don’t make you better than darker skin. What if they did that to all the dark skin guys in the rap world. Then most wouldn’t be where they are today. Be careful you are being racist against your own women. What’s wrong with being dark or brown? Most of you guys are Ross….

  7. Anonymous says:

    Most people that have this colorism is a sign of how they think of themselves because it seems to always be the darker men that prefer the lighter women.

  8. Marie Crowder says:

    Just cause you light skin, don’t mean you got talent, and it sure don’t mean you’re pretty!! Keep living! Wait til that age pop up on you!! I like a person for them selves, no matter weather you’re light dark or in between!! I don’t know much about the other guy, but Rick Ross you should be ashamed of yourself, as black as you are, be careful how you treat people? Rich or not!! Have a great day watch yourself

  9. Rico Allen says:

    To stop all confusion, let them sing the same song and Kaiya will be the 🏆!
    I should be a judge on the show! I will give the truth! Not trying to sleep with them!!! ((Ross))

  10. Dannycolon645 says:


  11. Bonnie Harris says:

    Wow I can t believe that black men are playing into this colorism with black women come on black men I love you no matter what shade you are because you all black kings

  12. Jo Renee says:

    Just my opinion the light skin girl was not cute to me let’s be clear and she didn’t sound good either again just my opinion I’m not light and I’m not dark I’m fair and truth be told you all did not make the right choice ijs ✊🏽

  13. BG says:

    Music is music, they all are gifted. However as I watch many, and many commercials now and days, the schematics of the commercials always cater to a certain demographic, however beauty is in the eye of the beholder and when it’s time for your light to shine, no one will be able to stop your glow. When I see an organization appealing to a base, is it racism or marketability. Are we talking about talent or marketing?

  14. Tomas says:

    Hey how about not behaving like the behavior you are reporting on” fair-skinned “. There is not such thing as that. There is people with skin problems and people without, but skin color do not makes one better than the other. I agree it was wrong

  15. Anonymous says:

    He know he wrong 😑 she ain’t gone make him no money so let him be dumb and pick wrong.

  16. K Breezy says:

    The first one sound ok but the second one was more appeasing to my ears and eyes. But hey what do I know??

  17. Terri says:

    Lmao if people didn’t make decisions on colour height weight and apparently intellect
    The decision based would be so lame and
    Biased it would out any desparity at all. All people hence all people r different. Dammm

  18. Anonymous says:


  19. Tee says:

    It’s clear how the music industry sees darker skinned women. Top artists are Beyonce, Cardi B, Rhianna etc. Maybe three in the top twenty are darker than a paper bag.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t want to believe it but they just may have a point here. The dark skinned sister clearly sounded better.

  21. Jean Dough says:

    These females have too much time on their hands; it could well be that neither of the women had talent and one was less bad than the other. This colorist bullshit is always trotted out when someone thinks they got shafted. But look at Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson, they had undeniable talent… what’s to be said of them?

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. Quinton says:

    he does that all the time look at the video for Aston Martin music he the black young baby girl said something he got down on her but then when the light skin girl said something it was very positive Rick Ross has a hard time accepting the fact that he is a dark skin male and that most African American women are dark skin he needs to update that he is a sorry excuse for a man because every time I look at the video the young Redskin girl very positive message but why did the young black girl have to deliver the negative message that’s that’s how he is

  24. JaMicah says:

    Being as.. I am a musician myself..Drummer.. Singer.. Lyric writer… I’ll just say this sometimes the industry will choose a look.. That is more marketable over time than an amazing talent that person that is more marketable in this hugely vision first judged industry is worth more money to the masses than just talent alone they have studio programs to make you sound amazing after all it’s just Business

  25. Meggoe says:

    Brittany voice was basic and RR was right KAIYA voice was too good for his wack ass basic music label

  26. Anonymous says:

    Just Brit isn’t that spectacular. Then again neither is Ross. A prime example of a man thinking with the other head.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Your garbage

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