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Saweetie Reveals When She Knew Boyfriend Quavo Loves Her

Some people confirm they’re loved by their partner when the person says, “I love you.” Rapper Saweetie said she knew boyfriend and fellow rapper Quavo loved her when he offered her some food. 

During a Jan. 21 interview with Page Six, the “ICY GRL” MC revealed which sentimental gesture told her everything she needed to know about Quavo’s love for her. “The moment I realized that Quavo really loved me is when he saved me some of his food. He gave me his last piece of chicken.” the 27-year-old told the media outlet. 

Saweetie and Quavo. (Photo: @saweetie/Instagram

The “My Type” rapper maintained that she wasn’t trying to test the Migos member. “I’ll be coming out of a Zoom meeting or done doing something, and he would have saved me some of his food,” she said. 

Saweetie said it was those actions that matter the most. “The things that have no price on them,” she explained. “The Bentley is cool, but I’m really into intimacy and how you treat me with my emotional feels.”

Saweetie and Quavo started dating in 2018 after the “FLIP THE SWITCH” rapper slid into her Instagram DMs. The pair went on their first date to Quavo’s favorite restaurant, Stoney River, then to Magic City, a famous strip club in Atlanta.

Fans seemingly were unsurprised by the revelation. Several people on Twitter equated it to her astrology chart. The rapper was born on July 3, making her zodiac sign Cancer. However, her Venus, which governs courtship and adoration, is Taurus. Many of her fans claimed that folks with that trait are romantic and have a passion for food.

One person wrote, “That’s how extra I am. She’s cancer like me, but the way she doesn’t play about her food and loves seafood, it’s me 🤣.”

Another person commented, “im a taurus venus and i knew my bf was the one when he brought me a variety of foods the first time we ever hung out 😹.” They added, “2 kids & a home later. here we are 💗 Lol.” 

“Saaaaaaame,” a third expressed. “🤣 I will also try and steal food from your plate, playfully, if I like you. Maybe let you steal from my plate if I REALLY like you.” 

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