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‘This Made Me Sore Just Looking at It!’: Porsha Williams Gets High Praise from Fans and Tamar Braxton After Sharing Workout Video

Someone must’ve told Porsha Williams summer bodies are made in the winter, judging by the looks of her recent Instagram post. 

On Friday, Jan. 22, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star uploaded a clip of herself doing a rigorous exercise routine that targeted her glutes, core, and lower body. Porsha’s training including squats, sit-ups with a kettlebell, and even lunges and jumping jacks with weights. “💪🏾Wake up y’all let’s get it!” the reality star captioned the post. He also tagged her trainer and reminded folks to wear their mask. 

Porsha Williams. @porsha4real/Instagram

The clip was viewed over 232,000 times by fans who praised the mommy for focusing on her health and inspiring others to follow suit. One user commented, “Porsche I am so proud of you getting out there working out.” They added, “I do it every day my daughter just had a baby two I’m trying to get her to get out there and start working out you’re doing a good job yes.” 

Another user wrote, “I guess I should get my butt off this bed and go take advantage of the monthly payment to planet fitness.”

“This made me sore just looking at it!” a third person quipped. 

Other fans wanted to know more detailed answers about how she was coping while wearing her mask, how many pounds the kettlebells were that she was using, and how many days a week she planned on attending the gym.

One fan was anticipating the reality star’s results. “Yessss mother P… ‘I’ve been to the gym, can you keep up,'” they wrote. “Waiting for your reunion look I know you will serve body and all 🔥🔥🔥.”

Porsha’s post came just a day after she was forced to defend herself after being criticized for saying she “picked” her ex-fiancé Dennis McKinley to be the father of her daughter PJ. 

When asked by her Dish Nation co-host Gary what she had to say in response to the backlash, the reality star said, “Tell me what they had. What problems did they have? The fact that I chose somebody that has a job? I want to know what problem.”

She added, “We women these days need to pick the right men, honey! Need to pick a man with a job, with a good head on his shoulders, he want a family, all of them things was checked off, honey, so it went down!”

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