‘She Gone Get Laid’: Former ‘LHHATL’ Reality Star Tommie Lee to Face Off with ‘Bad Girls Club’ Television Personality Natalie Nunn In Celebrity Boxing Match

Let’s get ready to rumbleeeeeeeeeee! Two of reality television’s most explosive personalities, former “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reality star Tommie Lee and “Bad Girls Club” recurring star Natalie Nunn are supposedly taking it to the ring for a Zeus celebrity boxing match. 

Nunn, 36, posted a video to her Instagram Story, saying, “Y’all, I’m not really sure what Tommie was trying to imply during the Verzuz battle, but if sis want that fight night, Zeus just called and said it’s greenlit. Sis, they got that bag, so if you want that smoke let’s go.”

Nunn was referring to Lee’s video message in an Instagram Story. “Natalie, stop playing games, girl, you know what the h– going on,” Lee said while munching on some hot wings. 

“Put me in that ring and it’s lights out,” Lee declared. 

In another post, Lee, 36, wrote that there was no beef between the two, and if they do box it out, it will be the first time she meets one of “BGC’s” most notable figures. 

“Bad Girls Club” reality star Natalie Nunn poses for a photo while sitting on a couch. @realmissnatalienunn/Instagram

“May the best Queen win,” Lee concluded her statement with a kissing face emoji. 

Lee is all for the boxing challenge and accepts Nunn’s request to duke it out. 

“I was reached out to today by Chanta, I don’t know anything about Zeus, but I was reached out to by Chanta and some other people. I accept the challenge; I’m down for the boxing match pay per view,” Lee said in another Instagram story.

“Zeus can reach out to me; however, it’s going to be done. My contract was signed with the other people, yall have to get that worked out. But I’m down, let’s do it, girl!”  

It looks as though Lee enjoyed her last fried meal munching on those hot wings, because she told fans that she will no longer be eating unhealthy food and will head to Puerto Rico to train for the match. 

“Last fried meal, y’ all. Headed to Puerto Rico to train with Jean Pascal, my last fried meal say goodbye. Natalie, Natalie, what you eating girl? Get yourself together.”

Former “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reality diva Tommie Lee. (Photo: @tommiee_/Instagram)

Nunn, on the other hand, has already started her training session. She uploaded a video of herself throwing elbows, and Lee was applauding her with fire emojis. However, many fans believe that Nunn has a long way to go before getting in the ring with someone like Lee. 

“Aw baby, that ain’t gon work.”

“Lmfaooooooooo she gon get laid like some edges 😭.”

“She’s gonna lose ❤️.”

“She swings like Woody from ‘Toy Story.’ ” 

“Why she speeds up the video ? 😂 We know you have NO HANDS.”

“😂😂 This was recorded on fast forward, and them punches still slow.” 

Details of the fight have not been confirmed. From the many comments under Nunn’s training video, fans are already claiming Lee as the winner, but they will have to wait and see if the match goes through. 

In other celebrity boxing match news, former world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather is supposed to face off against YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul. Former NBA player Lamar Odom is scheduled to go up against an unidentified opponent this summer. 

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