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Queen Naija Says ‘I Failed .. I Don’t Have Meg Knees Sorry’ After Attempting to Do the ‘Buss It Challenge’

Queen Naija is accepting her defeat at doing the “Buss It Challenge.” On Jan. 18, she uploaded a video on her Instagram Story of her trying out the TikTok dance in her kitchen. It looks like fans may never get to see her do the real thing because, according to her, this was a trial run.

She wrote, “when you test out your knees to see if you’re eligible for the #bussitchallenge.”
As the video is playing, we see her drop straight into the beat and start rocking. After doing it for a while, she leans back on her arm and sits on the floor with a frown on her face, and looks down to the ground, shaking her head in defeat.

Queen Naija (Photo: @queennaija/Instagram)

She added, “I failed .. I don’t have meg knees sorry.” Making fun of herself she says “I look like an inch worm.” What might have added to the idea that she resembled an “inch worm” is her outfit. She wore a pink two-piece cozy set with a long pink robe to match.

One fan suggested that maybe her knees were hurting because “she rocking too hard.”

Others sympathized with the R&B singer writing, “It’s not you, it’s gravity. Got me too 😩,” “Lol it’s ok queen!!!! A lot of us don’t. 😩😂,” and “I swear I did the same thing and was like nope I shall no embarrass myself.”

She did try to address why her knees were so weak in The Shade Room’s comments.
“Oh nah, y’all wrong for this. Lol .. I been had a bad knee since I sprang it at sky zone in 2017,” she explained.

At least Queen Naija is not alone. Other famous people that fans have claimed did not do the ‘Buss It Challenge’ correctly for different reasons are Joseline Hernandez, Alexis Skyy and DaniLeigh.

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