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‘They Both Won’: Fans Enjoy Video of Tiny’s Daughter and Queen Naija’s Son Competing In Class

Tiny Harris’ daughter Heiress is showing the world just how strong and fearless she is. On Jan. 26, Tiny uploaded a video with Heiress and singer Queen Naija’s oldest son, CJ, having a little friendly competition in their class together.

The video begins with the person behind the camera saying, “We got Heiress versus CJ. Yall ready?” CJ and Heiress both stood up on their knees with their arms crossed preparing for their battle. After they both said “yea” they get down on their chests and into position to start doing pushups. As they are going, viewers can see CJ has the correct posture, while Heiress is in her own version of a pushup form.

Heiress D. Harris, Chris Sails Jr. (Photos: @heiressdharris/Instagram, @queennaija/Instagram)

The cameraman jokes that Heiress was “killing” CJ and pushes him to keep going. Heiress even took it a step further and started doing one-arm pushups. After a while CJ stops and looks at Heiress while she keeps doing her pushups. Heiress then stands up and says, “I won, because TJ cheated,” accidentally saying CJ’s name wrongly. Sadly, viewers never see her explain how CJ “cheated,” because the video ended shortly after that.

Tiny captioned the video, “In real news… my baby had class with CJ today & while he’s killing the push ups, form & all @heiressdharris is killing me with her posture. Then she took me out with the one handers. #RealMotivation 👑💙💜.”

Fans gushed over the children in the comments.

One person wrote, “Aww the way how cj lets her think she won! Queen is raising him right! 👏🏾❤️.”

Someone else commented on Heiress, writing, “She has to be my favorite she is just the smartest strongest boss baby in the world❤️♥️💯 I absolutely love her💛💜.”

Others commended the children for being able to do pushups, joking that they wouldn’t be able to. One person wrote, “He strong cuz baby 🥴I be struggling doing 10😭😭.”

As far as who viewers think won the competition, one fan said “they both won.” Heiress is 4 years old and was welcomed into the world by her mother Tiny and her father T.I. Queen Naija shares her 5-year-old son CJ, whose real name is Chris Sails Jr., with her ex-husband Chris Sails.

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