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‘Got Me Like Gahhhh Damn’: Chloe Bailey Has the Internet In Shambles After She Participates In ‘Buss It’ Challenge

The Bailey sisters Chloe and Halle finally have their own Instagram accounts, and fans are excited that they will get not just one account from Beyoncé’s protégés but now three. It has only been two days since their separate IG launches, and already Chloe is crushing the internet with her derriere as she bounces it along to Erica Banks’ song for the popular TikTok dance “Buss It” challenge.

Bailey appeared on the Jan. 21 video with her hair protected in a colorful bonnet and her body completely covered in a cozy black-and-gold Versace robe. As the beat drops, Bailey’s outfit goes through a striking transition, with her now displaying mainly skin and a lot of her right cheek.

Chloe Bailey. (Photo: @chloebailey/Instagram)

The 22-year-old flaunted her curvy body in a black bralette with thin straps and a black skirt with a high slit.

She wrote, “better late than never 😂🥰 #bussitchallenge.” The short clip left fans and friends thirsty for more of Chloe. Her video hit Twitter and she began trending.

“Chloe Bailey just posted her #BussItChallenge.”

“Chloe Bailey’s Buss It challenge>>> that thang was thangin.”

#ChloeBailey double cheeked up onna Thursday afternoon is all I needed to see today.”

“Chloe Bailey’s buss it challenge got me like gahhhh damn.”

Besides her amazing voice and exquisite beauty, one thing that has caused a lot of buzz about Chloe is her naturally curvy figure. Her body is hard to miss and is one many fans would kill for. In June, Chloe and Halle talked on Instagram Live with their followers about embracing stretch marks after one asked Chloe what she would recommend to lessen them.

After Chloe explained that “nothing worked at all” when she tried different creams, her younger sister Halle chimed in, saying, “But you know what? Stretch marks are beautiful. They’re a sign that you’re getting cake, OK? This one here, she has an amazing butt, OK? I’m just saying! I know y’all see it too. She has an amazing butt and stretch marks add to that beauty. Let me tell you, I don’t have a butt. I’m very small. … It’s like a grape.”

Chloe added, “Even if you don’t have stretch marks, you are beautiful and you have a great butt. For all the ladies who have the bad stretch marks like me, don’t stress yourself out about it, because even still today I’m still learning to, like, love them.” She also said that she considered getting them lasered off but instead she learned “to live with them and love them.”

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