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‘Don’t Y’all Get Nothing Started’: Tamar Braxton Called Plies ‘the Homie’ After Many Assumed She Tried to Get at the Rapper After She Complimented His Teeth

Tamar Braxton‘s friendly compliment toward Plies‘ new teeth made headlines on Jan. 19, after fans assumed the singer’s praise was anything but platonic. The rapper shared a new image on Instagram, flashing his million-dollar smile as he got something to eat. 

Plies, who was sitting in his car as he took the selfie, captioned the snapshot, “I’m Bout To Grab Some To Eat. Who Hungry???? 🙈 #YallKnowImShy🙈#Plies.” Braxton replied in his comments section, saying, “It’s the teeth for me💪🏽.” Following the initial upload, The Shaderoom reposted the interaction between the two, which led others to believe something was up. The former reality star shut down those claims by referring to Plies as “the homie.”

(L-R): Tamar Braxton and Plies Photos:@tamarbraxton @plies/Instagram

“Y’all know That’s the homie… everybody’s radio boyfriend😂😂🤣🤣.” Despite her attempt to clear up any confusion, fans still insinuated Braxton was shooting her shot.

Tamar Braxton screenshot/Instagram

“Don’t y’all get nothing started”

“She tryna get him😂”

“Tamar looking for that collaboration😉”

One fan referenced Destiny Child’s song “Soilder” when talking about the star. “Tamar said if the status ain’t hood 😂….She ain’t checking for him”

Fans assume that Tamar Braxton tried getting at Plies after she complimented his new smile. Photo:@plies/Instagram

Days before, the “Bust it Baby” MC uploaded a recording saying how much he appreciated the constant love he’s received for his new smile. The 44-year-old said, “Y’all know I’m shy. Y’all got me blushing.” Plies also used the same quotes for his caption.

A couple of fans pointed out how the Florida rapper appeared to have found a sense of peace. 

One wrote, “Plies it really does look amazing! You look like you’ve found some type of happiness that’s been missing. Looks good on you 😊.”

An Instagram user explained how the rapper’s gestures have changed. “His mannerisms are totally different! He has finally found peace!”

On Jan. 15, Plies shared with Instagram followers, as he flaunted his pearly whites, that he had removed his gold grills. 

“I Just Showed My Mom My New Smile. She Hugged Me Started Crying & Said ‘I Finally Got My Baby Back’. One Of The Proudest Days Of My Life. 2021 I’m Might Just Turn Into A Full-Time Brand Ambassador With This New Smile No C**chie Gettin Ate With These It Took Me So Long To Post This Pic Cause I Was Shy (Ladies) How Did I Do??? #NewSmilePlies #Plies #Rock #Shawty #PlentyMoney #Shawty #BustItBaby #Drip4Sale”

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