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‘Oooo He Touching Her Tidday’: Lori Harvey’s Birthday Getaway Romantic Photo with Michael B. Jordan Causes a Commotion In Comments Section

Lori Harvey‘s fans were “gripped” with excitement after the model posted a bathroom selfie with her leading man Michael B. Jordan. Harvey shared the sultry image — via Instagram Story — of Jordan cupping her left breast on Jan. 19.

The “Pretty Little Things” ambassador, who wore a green, form-fitting dress, captioned the post “He love it here,” as the couple enjoys their romantic getaway in St. Barts. The pair jet-setted to the island last week to commemorate Harvey’s 24th birthday. The pic caused an uproar among fans. Some couldn’t get enough of the couple showing PDA, while others deemed the duo “adorable.”

Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan. (Photo: @loriharvey/Instagram Story)

“It’s the boob for me ❤️”

“He cupping that boob.”

“Oooooo he touchin her Tidday.”

“I can’t lie…I’m here for it 😭🥺🤷🏽‍♀️they cute together and they both seem genuinely happy with each other.”

“They are an adorable couple I am rooting for them all the way. Both of them look so very happy 🥰🥰.”

Model Lori Harvey and actor Michael B. Jordan seemingly confirm their romance after months of speculation. (Photo: @loriharvey/Instagram)

As Harvey’s snapshot left some infatuated, others continued to send praises to the couple’s new relationship. One wrote about how happy they were for Harvey because they felt she deserved all the world’s joy.

“I’m happy for her!! This is who she’s supposed to be with, not these older men with a whole heap of baby mothers etc. and the drama that already lived lives with many wives.”

Another emphasized how the public should leave Harvey and Jordan alone so they enjoy their time together.

“Leave these people alone! That man happy I don’t feel like they need the attention they already had it. I hope it’s real and they have a successful and loving relationship! They are having fun and enjoying each other and life…The smiles seem genuine to me. Black love 😍 I love to see it.”

Earlier this month, Both Harvey and Jordan confirmed their relationship with posts on their respective Instagram accounts.

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