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‘I Get It, Poor Baby’: Naturi Naughton Responds To Hitmaka’s Claims That He Slept with Her

Last November, during an interview on the “Drink Champs” podcast with host Noreaga, music producer Hitmaka made some offensive comments about actress Naturi Naughton. The rapper claimed that he and the “Power” star slept together back in the day and revealed some other rather very personal information about the star.

Shortly after the clip went viral, the former “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star admitted that his remarks were in poor taste and said that he regretted ever telling the story. The backlash from the incident eventually died down. However, Naturi had never addressed it herself until recently. 

(L-R): Hitmaka and Naturi Naughton. Photo: @hitmaka/Instagram @naturi4real/Instagram

On Friday, Jan. 15, the former 3LW member appeared on “The Breakfast Club” morning show with host Dj Envy, Charlamagne tha God and Angela Yee and finally spoke on Hitmaka’s comments. 

When asked whether she would go to jail for her child, the actress said of course she would and that she would even take a bullet for her kid. She quipped that she was a lot tougher than she appeared. “I’m also in real life, a little g, a little gangster,” she said. She added, “I’ve had some people that I wanted to ‘pull up on.’ I had a couple people, a producer, whose name I can’t even remember. We’ll just say, you know, I know how to disconnect.” A comment which seemingly was about Hitmaka. 

When jokingly asked by DJ Envy if she had to pull out a gun on anyone, Naturi clarified her comments, saying, “Not a gun. I’m just saying. I had a similar situation where I wanted to pull up, you know.” She continued, “Recently, there was an interview that I just felt like ‘okay, I might have to call somebody to pull up on, uh, what’s his name.’ But you know, it’s just, I guess, it’s a thing for people to say that they’ve been with me.” 

Angela Yee revealed that before coming on the show, she had spoken to the songstress about the incident and Hitmaka’s comment. Naturi denied the allegations saying that what Hitmaka recalled never happened. Speaking to Envy once again, Naturi said, “I was 15, 16 when I was in 3LW. I don’t know of what date — I mean — group activities.”  She added, “I remember we all lived in L.A., and maybe we all hung out in groups, but I wasn’t even doing dates. Let alone,” she said, before cutting herself off.

The actress admitted it took a lot for her not to respond, but she was aware that the rapper had apologized on Angela’s show, “Lip Service.” Naturi expressed that she took what he said previously as perhaps a compliment of sorts.

“I was like, everybody was like ‘’yeah they wanted, you know, people want to get with Tasha,” the actress expressed, referring to her “Power” character. “I was like, ok, I get it, poor Baby.”

Check out Naturi Naughton’s full interview with the “Breakfast Club” down below. 

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