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‘Clown Behavior’: Hitmaka Says He Regrets Exposing Details About Relationship with Naturi Naughton, Fans Aren’t Buying It

Music producer Hitmaka learned that even if a drunken mind does speak sober thoughts, it’s probably always best to stay quiet. 

Recently the former “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star appeared on the “Drink Champs” podcast with host Noreaga and his crew. Throughout rounds of hard liquor and other drinks, the group reflected on the former reality star’s rise in the music industry, mentors and even allegedly accidentally seeing the late Whitney Houston get undressed in Ray J’s hotel room.

(L-R) Hitmaka and Naturi Naughton. Photo: @hitmaka/Instagram @naturi4real/Instagram

At some point, Hitmaka seemingly went a little too deep into his memory bank and pulled out some rather sensitive details regarding his supposed past sexual relationship with actress Naturi Naughton and other women in the entertainment industry. 

Hitmaka, formerly known as Yung Berg, claimed that while he and the “Power” star were having intercourse, he felt her birth control (IUD). Unfamiliar with the contraceptive, the music maker referred to it as a “mousetrap.”

The “Thot Box” producer received backlash from critics on social media, with many accusing the song maker of talking too much and calling him a clown. Now the music producer says he regrets even bringing up the whole thing. 

During an appearance on “Lip Service” with host Angela Yee, the rapper admitted that he handled the situation poorly but maintained that regardless it was “his truth.”

“See, after I did, I don’t know if y’all was in tune or whatever, I went Live with Fat Joe — I literally hit N.O.R.E. and was like, ‘Yo, I don’t want this out,’ Hitmaka explained. “Please edit it. I will pay for whatever would go on. But the interview, however [much] it cost or whatever, I’ll take care of it. I felt bad about the fact, you know what I’m saying, after the fact. But I mean, it is my truth, but I didn’t want it to come out like that.”

He added that he was aware that the soundbite would be edited to blow up the incident and requested that it did not happen, but “they did it anyway.” When asked if he was remorseful about the situation, Hitmaka said, “of course, after the fact,” but argued that “it is my truth.” He added, “I think it could have been a little more tasteful than it was, but ‘Drink Champs,’ you already know what they did.” Naughton has yet to address the matter publicly. 

Fans, however, weren’t letting him off the hook.

“So why speak on it?”

“If he felt bad he shouldnt have said it in the first place. He knew what he was doin 🙄.”

“It’s clown behavior regardless… 🙄.”

“Don’t speak on anything you don’t want to air. Simple”

Check out the interview with Hitmaka below.

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