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‘You Don’t Understand What I’m Going Through’: Riley Burruss Clarifies Her Comment That Mom Kandi Isn’t an ‘Academic Scholar’

In “It Be Ya Own Kids” news, Riley Burruss put her mom’s intelligence on the spot during a recent episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Mom and reality TV star Kandi Burruss returned the favor when she asked her daughter to explain herself during what was supposed to be an innocent chat about college life.

The New York University freshman joined her mom during an episode of the Xscape singer’s YouTube series “Speak On It,” to give an update on how life in the Big Apple has been treating her so far. Before they delved into college during COVID-19, Kandi made sure to tackle Riley’s “RHOA” comment.

(L-R): Kandi Burruss and her daughter Riley Photo: @kandionline/YouTube

During the Jan. 3 episode of the long-running Bravo series, the 19-year-old pointed out that her mom is no “academic scholar. The school stuff I do on my own; I mean she’s not the academic scholar,” she casually mentioned, which was met with a huge “WHOA” from her mom. Immediately trying to clean up her observation, Riley continued telling her mom, “I mean you’re smart, but you have street smarts.”

Riley further explained her comments while catching up with her mom during their YouTube sit-down, saying “You’re the smart that counts. You’re smart when it comes to working, being social, all that. Just when it comes to academics, I just don’t think…” she trailed off at the end.

Kandi called her daughter a “hater” before schooling her eldest on her actual academic stats. “First of all, I didn’t get to go to college, well not that I didn’t get to go, I just didn’t go to college. But I wasn’t a bad student in high school, so let’s just make that clear.”

Riley went on to explain that the expectations that parents who didn’t themselves attend college can sometimes be a bit unrealistic because they’ve never been through the experience themselves. “They don’t understand. Transitioning, first of all to a different state and then going to online school. College life is already hard, but having to do it online is even worse…You don’t understand what I’m going through and you’re expecting me to be top tier. ”

Riley “Rilez” Burruss is in her mom’s hot seat. Photo: @kandi/Instagram

Fans weren’t too pleased with Riley for turning her nose up at Kandi’s street smarts, since they provided the lifestyle through which she had the fortune of growing up.

“Riley, Bill Gates was a college dropout. I am a college student, and even I know being educated isn’t the sole path to judging intelligence.”

“Riley will learn later in life, you can learn so much from your mom/others whom didn’t attend college. Kandi is a powerhouse. Congrats Riley. Stay focused.”

“I didn’t like when She told her Mother that she wasn’t smart but street smarts. Actually street smarts is KEY! Also, her daughter needs to realize that ALL SHE IS AND ALL SHE HAS IS FROM HER INTELLIGENT MOTHER. Sending much love to ALL the Mother’s who did not go or graduate from College but have become successful in life!! Me being one of them! 🙏🏻❤️💃🏻🌟✨💫💰”

“Ain’t no way I’m letting my child tell me I’m not smart! Especially when I run multiple businesses.”

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