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‘She Light Skin?’ Tommie Lee’s Bleaching Video Is Derailed After Fans Call the Star Out for Light Skin Remarks

Tommie Lee found herself in a debate over skin color on Jan. 14 after she posted a bleaching video suggesting only females with light skin — with Lee including herself in that group — suffer from discoloration. Lee shared several clips on her Instagram story.

The reality TV star was getting ready for the procedure when she shared with her followers that she was getting her “a–hole bleached.”

Tommie Lee gets backlash for “light-skinned” remarks following bleaching video. Photo:@tommie__/Instagram

She said, “Next, we are doing something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. So all the light-skinned ladies, y’all already know sometimes we have like discoloration, on our … anal area, and it’s just like I want it to be all pink, all like peachy. It’s clean, but the discolorations make it look (inaudible). It’s not how it was when I was born. That’s how I wanna look, like a newborn baby again. We finna get that a–hole bleached. Long story short.”

Lee captioned the video showing the motive behind the bleaching, which was to “look and taste like a delicacy.” “I’m edible Asf, and I want everything to match, so I can look and taste like a delicacy.”

Many followers bashed the 36-year-old for her “light-skinned” comments and pointed out that she was always considered a darker-toned girl since the star has become famous.

“In all these years of seeing tommie on reality tv, I can humbly say that she’s never been light-skinned Respectfully.”

“What’s up with these brown skin women calling themselves light skin 🤔 I mean when did tommie become light skin 🧐.”

“Did she refer to herself as light skinned??? 🌚🌝”

“She light skin?”

“Ummm she’s light skin ?! Sis don’t know her colors ? Cause .. nvm.”

Tommie Lee photo:@tommie__/Instagram

Other fans brought up how discoloration happens to all skin types. One wrote, “1. She’s not light skin, and 2. Most women struggle with discoloration, not just light skins. Even outside black women.”

This doesn’t SOLELY happen to light skin ladies…. but ok🙄

Another mentioned the dark areas will return regardless of what the “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star does. “As long as you have friction them dark areas gone come right back.”

As the video continued, Lee jokingly teased her fans by telling them that her assistant Patrick would be filming the entire process, including images of the star’s genitals.

She said, alongside the caption “FOH Nice Try Gang,” “Thank God for Patrick, he’s gonna film it for you guys so you guys can see like me getting my a–hole bleached. You gonna see the whole thing. You get to see my vagina, I know a lot of people has seen it before. You get to my a–hole which is tight ’cause I’m virgin back there. I want you guys to be a part of this. Sike!”

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