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‘You Went From Sexy to Sexy’: Fans Criticize and Cheer on Joseline Hernandez as She Does Her Own Version of the ‘Buss It Challenge’

Joseline Hernandez would never miss out on an opportunity to shake her clappas, so when the new TikTok “Buss It Challenge” began trending, Hernandez decided to hop on the wave.

The point of the challenge is for the participant to come on camera looking their worst or dressed regularly, but when the beat drops they suddenly look sexy as they twerk to the beat of the song. Hernandez’s Jan. 11 Instagram video shows her strutting in the camera wearing sexy lingerie and strap-up heels as the “Buss It” song by Erica Banks plays in the background.

Joseline Hernandez
Joseline Hernandez (Photo: @joseline/Instagram)

Right before the beat drops, she turns around and gives her fans a peek of her derriere before dropping it low. The video then cuts to the reality TV star twerking back up to a standing position while wearing a short white dress. It ends with her strutting back over to the camera and kissing at her fans.

“The Puerto Rican Princess has Arrived! #bussitchallenge,” she wrote.

Fans took no time to point out that the mother of one did not do the challenge correctly while still giving her props for looking good.

One said, “Girl you went from sexy to sexy wtf is this 😂😂😍😍.”

Someone else joked that she was the “First person to be fire before and after 😍.”

Another fan joked how Hernandez’s twerking came off as assertive: “Everything she do is aggressive,” they wrote.

“Lmao leave it up to you to be fine both times.. no big ass t-shirt and frumpy robes for you mamas,” said another fan.

Besides dancing and modeling for Instagram, the “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” star can be seen hosting “One Mo Chance Reunion” on the Zeus Network, on Sunday, Jan. 17. Hernandez also has her own show called “Joseline’s Cabaret,” which documents the lives of several strippers and sex workers in Miami, Florida.

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