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The Game Praises His Son for Getting a Scholarship to the University of Oregon: ‘I’m So Proud to Be Your Father’

The Game is all smiles over an important milestone in his son’s life. The rapper announced that his son, 17-year-old Harlem Caron Taylor, received a scholarship to the University of Oregon. Judging by his ecstatic Instagram post, The Game couldn’t have been more thrilled.

“Wow… just wow. My baby just got a scholarship to the University of Oregon!” he wrote. “I just want to share this with the world because there is so many reasons and situations in my life before his birth that could’ve kept this from happening. I’m balling my eyes out right now y’all…. tears of joy like a mf! One false move and this is not our reality….”

The Game and son Harlem. @losangelesconfidential/Instagram

Taylor is The Game’s eldest son with his ex-partner Aleska. He has two half-siblings named King Justice Taylor and California Dream Taylor.

However, Taylor was clearly the apple of his father’s eye following his college acceptance. In his post, The Game recalled the harsh life they both endured as he tried to raise his son, and he expressed pride at what Taylor has become. The post didn’t point out details such as what type of scholarship, the amount of the scholarship or when Taylor would begin school or what he plans to study.

“My dawg, ‘lil game… my first born and my world… I’m so f—-n proud of you boy! From the first album cover and trying to get you to stop crying, to having a shoot-out and a bullet piercing your car seat (lucky I hadn’t brought you out the house yet), to teaching how to be a man, all the way to this day and this moment right here son…. this is why everything I’ve ever done in my life to ensure I survived, means the world to me,” he said.

“I got you here… we are here son, together and I’m so proud to be your father. I thank your mother @___aleska for all that she’s done & endured as well to get you here. It wasn’t easy, but the results of great parenting are so worth it.”

The Game concluded with more praise for his progeny, along with the news that Taylor applied to more colleges that potentially could extend their own offers.

You are a KING… I told you that the day you were born and I’ve repeated it every day since. I love you more than life boy and I’m so over-joyed for you & your good news…. I know you got more colleges offering and this is the first to reach out, but boy…. @goducks is an amazing start… WE MADE IT.”

The Game is openly devoted to his children, and has shown in the past that he spares no expense in showing his love.

For Taylor’s Sweet 16 he pulled out all the stops to put on a flashy celebration for his son. The flashy event had performances from Trippie Redd, Blueface and Tee Grizzley, and the part wasn’t complete until The Game presented his son with a bow-wrapped BMW truck, according to TMZ. The proud father was compelled to pen a social media message in honor of his offspring, showering him with adoration and love.

“I named you Harlem because that’s the first city in New York I had ever been to and during my time there, I felt its strength, culture and I learned a lot of its history so I felt it appropriate for my first born,” he said. “I didn’t even know how to properly love or appreciate anything ‘til I met you. Sixteen years later & wow… look at you! Smart, beautiful and everything I imagined you would be. We made it this far together and we’ve got a lifetime to go.”

Not to be outdone, The Game’s children are more than happy to repay their father for all he’s done for them in their lives. For the actor’s 41st birthday in November, Taylor revealed that he and his siblings pooled their money to buy their father a Tesla for his birthday.

Taylor showed off the generous gift on Instagram, writing, “Happy b-day to my dad/best friend. Love u 🖤 and who’s tesla is that u may be wondering? Oh, me and my siblings saved up all the money our dad has gave us to buy him a new car. Pretty sick huh?”

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